How To Not Let Negative News Bring You Down
Had it up to HERE with negative news? I get it. It's a often scary world we live in these days. I was asked by a Facebook follower my thoughts on  how to stay positive in what feels like a very negative world. It's true, that watching the news these days can make anyone want to find ways to feel better. First, I'd say I don't think turning off some of that news is a bad idea. It's not head-in-the-sand -- it's taking care of yourself and your mindset. 
How to Recover From Stress Quicker

Here's what I learned from two really smart people Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman from the University of Kansas:  Smiling -- through stress -- helps you recover FASTER.  See, they did a study that took 169 people and put them through a series of multi-tasking...