Do What Makes Your Heart SOAR

09 Oct Do What Makes Your Heart SOAR

And a Life Worth Smiling About Will Fall into Place

By Motivational Keynote Speaker and Smile Aficionado Darryl Davis

The most important element of creating a Next Level life and career — is that putting your time and energy into something that makes your heart sing – your spirit SOAR. Something that you love to do; a job that you would take even if you didn’t get paid for doing it.

It’s the thing that wakes you up in the morning before the alarm clock even goes off because you’re so energized by the thought of the day ahead. Some of us start off our day more tired than we were when we went to bed because we’re not moving toward a Next Level. We are waking up to an alarm clock rather than an exciting vision for our lives. A life that is spent just “going through the motions” is not a life that’s worth smiling about.

Here’s something about myself that’s a perfect example of this topic. I’ve always been what you would call a “night person.” Unless I’m on the road and have to get up early to deliver a seminar, I find that I’m more focused and productive at night. But check this out: once I began writing this book, although I was still keeping my late schedule at night, I was waking up one to two hours earlier in the morning. The first thing on my mind was to get all the new ideas out of my head and onto the computer. I was so excited about what I had to say that I couldn’t wait to start working. When you do something that you enjoy, the actual work is the reward. The success and money will come later.

Do you have something in your life that’s similar to this? Something that excites you, energizes you, and makes you smile just thinking about it? That’s what makes your heart sing. That’s what drives your passion. THAT is what will help you live a life worth SMILING ABOUT. And THAT, my friends, is where you should focus your energy and time because it will most definitely take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

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