Association Edition



Working Together to Help Agents Succeed and Associations Thrive

Helping agents thrive and delivering to them the highest quality training and tools is something your organization and mine have in common.

Many associations are eager to find new ways to both increase their membership retention and revenue.

Introducing the Enterprise Edition of our results-producing POWER AGENT PROGRAM® for Boards of REALTORS® and State Associations.


The Power Agent Program® is the coaching, marketing, and training platform that helps real estate professionals take their lives and careers to their Next Level. In fact, Power Agents® generate, on average, an additional $33,502.22 over their previous year. 

With a focus on …

  • skill-building
  • live coaching and webinar training
  • done-for-you marketing tools
  • smart strategies
  • And inspired mindset solutions

Darryl Davis helps agents design lives – and careers – worth SMILING about! This empowering program takes agents OFF the commission roller coaster and helps them to develop financial breakthrough success, a stronger bottom line, a referral base they can count on -- and have a whole lot less stress in the process.

Completely online – Agents can take their tools on the go to match today’s busy real estate professional’s lifestyle.

First, agents get hooked on the positive energy and forward focus that their new coach, Darryl Davis shares in this system. It’s downright CONTAGIOUS. They'll laugh as they're learning – and they'll love what they're doing! His goal is to help EVERY agent design a life and career worth SMILING about. It’s the foundation of this entire coaching, training, and marketing system.


  • WEEKLY Live Coaching Power Hour Calls. Not your average group coaching call. On Darryl’s monthly POWER HOURS – agents get to call in and talk to Darryl live. It’s a fun experience, and one where questions are answered, progress is made, problems are solved, and
  • MONTHLY Live Webinars on today's hottest, and most requested real estate topics.
  •  A comprehensive Classroom filled with 100’s of Done-for-You Marketing Tools. Plus, we add 5-10 new tools each month! Our industry is moving at the speed of light. Creating the marketing tools and collateral material you need to keep up is often the first thing that slips through the cracks for agents. We do the work for you – so you can focus on what YOU do best – listing and selling.
  • New Training Tools Each Month. Think eBooks, training videos, checklists, dialogues, insights, and more ensure that you are always tapped into the most up-to-the-market training you need to compete like a rock-star, and realize your full potential.
  • Weekly Blogs and Newsletters. Filled with strategies, solutions, and downloads that makes sense for the kind of business that beefs up your bottom line. It’s our way of connecting weekly with the timely insights you need to charge into the week with the tools that make a difference.
  • Access to our Member’s Only Facebook Group. These folks are the best! Like-minded professionals. Willing to share. Insights, tools, training, and links that make sense dropped in daily. Join the community!!
  • A Trusted Resource Library. Agents need resources. Vendors. Help. Doing the homework to figure out who to work with and why takes time you don’t have. That’s why we do it for you!


  • The ability to deliver a content-rich, results-producing monthly coaching and training program to your membership that is designed to help them drive productivity and profitability.
  • A FREE ANNUAL Half-Day Workshop delivered by Darryl Davis for your membership designed to help agents increase listing inventory, sharpen sales skills, and grow their businesses.
  • CE Credit available in many states
  • Sponsorship opportunities are encouraged – association is free to keep all monies associated from those sponsorships as an additional revenue source
  • Darryl Davis Seminars does all the heavy lifting in terms of providing marketing for the event
  • A FREE ANNUAL WEBINAR for your team to designed to help your staff design lives and careers worth smiling about.
  • 20% Referral Fee paid every 30 days to the Association for every new Power Agent® registered from your designated affiliate link for as long as they stay in the program.
  • The Power Agent® Membership is a no-contract, monthly subscription for just $27 per month per agent. Members can cancel at any time. Your organization would receive 20% of their membership fee. For example: If just 100 of your board members signed up for the platform, that would be an additional $540 in revenue for your association, PLUS – you have the ability to increase your membership retention by providing high-quality listing and sales training and coaching.
  • Monthly accounting of your membership participation.


  • We do all the heavy lifting. We’ll provide your team with support materials, ads, brochures, and tools necessary to provide your membership with access to The Power Program – co-branded with your association’s logo.
  • We provide you and your membership a FREE annual half-day workshop at a time that works with your training calendar. This half-day workshop is one of the highest-rated, results-producing three hours agents can experience and is based on sales and listing skills designed to take them to their Next Level®.
  • We provide you and your team a FREE One-Hour Webinar designed to help your staff design lives and careers worth SMILING about!
  • We provide you with a unique sign-up link, co-branded to your organization that offers a FREE 14-day, all-access trial Power Agent® membership to your entire membership.
  • Your Association makes a 14-Day, All-Access Power Agent® membership available to your entire membership using the ads, materials, and affiliate links provided to you in your membership packaging, online portals, and news distribution channels.
  • Your Association works with Darryl Davis Seminars to calendar the optimum time to provide the half-day workshop and staff webinar for your membership and team.
  • We provide you with a monthly accounting of all association members registered through your affiliate link and pay the association a 20% referral fee for each every 30 days, for as long as the agent stays in the program.

More about your speaker and coach, Darryl Davis, CSP.

When your membership is laughing and listening, they're learning. With the delivery of an entertainer and comedian -- and the message, methods, and proven systems of lifelong teacher and trainer -- Darryl brings the best tools, techniques, strategies and SKILL builders in the industry to your audience. He'll teach them to get more bottom-line results. He'll ensure they walk away with the tools they need to feel more confident, competent and have a renewed excitement for what they do. And he'll help them make the mental and behavioral shifts necessary to truly design lives and careers worth smiling about.  When that happens? They win. You win. And your organization wins.


Bestselling Author:  How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate with McGraw-Hill Publishers is the most purchased real estate book on Amazon. Why? Because it is the ultimate guide to listing and selling, lead generation, and how to double your income as an agent in just twelve months. How to Make $100,000 Your First Year as a Real Estate Agent is Darryl’s guidebook to help new agents build a business the right way from the start, generating new business, realizing goals, and staying on track to meet those goals. How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About is Darryl’s non-real estate book that walks readers through science-based strategies for living a more joyful, enriched life, building stronger relationships, and crafting a career that makes you want to hit the ground running every day!

Top-Rated Keynote Speaker: Darryl is invited back to industry and company events year after year because of his extraordinary ability to help people both laugh and learn. With tremendous humor and real-world, results-producing skills and strategies, audience members walk away from Darryl’s keynotes, breakouts, and intense one-day workshops with powerful tools, techniques, and solutions for building their businesses, connecting with people on a higher level, and expediting their goals for Next Level® Success.

Business Leader and Industry Coach: Darryl is the founder of the year-long coaching process The POWER Program®, which has proven to double sales professional’s incomes over their previous year. His live monthly coaching calls attract agents from across the globe for their interactive question and answer sessions, problem-solving, brainstorming, and skill-building elements.

Today, Darryl passionately delivers more than a hundred power-packed, humor-filled, inspired keynotes, workshops, and one-day intensive sales events every year globally. Audience members and clients share testimonials of life-changing impact, career-changing skill development, and laugh-out-loud experiences.

If you’d like to learn more about this game-changing program could easily increase your profit margins and deliver high-quality coaching and training to your membership, please contact our Director of Opportunities, Julie Escobar at (800) 395-3905 x 701, or email us at