Join Real Estate Coach Darryl Davis and Real Estate Express for a
special webinar covering...

Is Now the Time to Become a
Real Estate Agent? 

A Special Webinar for People Considering a Career Change

Thursday, June 25th at 12pm Eastern

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected lives all over our planet. It’s put millions of people out of work in our nation alone. Currently, one in five Americans have filed for unemployment with no guarantee that those benefits can hold out until the health crisis passes or the economy opens. With many businesses and industries closing their doors for good, many people are determining their next steps and considering new career paths to move forward.

One question that we've heard a lot: Is now the time to become a real estate agent? 

Here’s why: Real estate, as an industry, continues to lead in both leveraging change and projecting growth during this turbulent time. Brokerages and industry leaders immediately rallied and stepped up to provide the tools, training, and systems agents need to adapt to new technologies, navigate new restrictions, and develop and expand business practices in new and effective ways. That means shorter learning curves for new agents and a faster trajectory for success. 



President of Hondros Education Group

For 26 years, Tina has spent her time focused on helping prospective and current real estate professionals thrive in their careers through real estate education. She’s held her real estate salesperson license in Ohio since 2002 and is active in many associations, including the Real Estate Educators Association, The Ohio Association of Realtors, and The Columbus Board of Realtors, among others.

Real Estate Coach

Darryl Davis has been a speaker and coach in the real estate business for more than 25 years. What makes him different? He's all about skills - the kind that not only help agents find success, but also a career worth smiling about. Want to generate more listing inventory, feel more authentic as an agent, and have more joy while doing it? Darryl is the real estate coach for the job!



Thursday, June 25th
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Here's what we'll answer:

  • What characteristics and skillsets are necessary to be a successful real estate agent
  • What a typical real estate agent gets paid and how
  • What level of income you can expect in your first year
  • How the real estate industry has changed for the better through this crisis
  • How to get licensed as a real estate agent
  • How a newly licensed agent can hit the ground running and build a successful business

If you’re researching new career paths and have ever wondered if real estate might be right for you, don’t miss a minute of this important conversation! 

This webinar is presented by Real Estate Express, Hondros Education Group, Allied School, Superior School of Real Estate, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business and Hogan School of Real Estate, which are a family of real estate education brands building the future of learning for real estate professionals.