03 Jul BEING vs. DOING

All About Action

(Why Sometimes You Have to Get Your Head OUT of the Game!)

By Motivational Speaker Darryl Davis

To bring about the result you desire, your conviction has to translate into action. And your entire being, like that of Mr. Rogers, has to radiate your commitment. In 1994, I was watching the Winter Olympics and one of my favorite competitions, downhill skiing. Markus Wasmeier from Germany won the men’s gold medal. Immediately following his performance, a reporter asked, “How were you feeling going into the race?” I loved what he said so much that I furiously jotted down notes to try to capture the essence of his answer.

Here’s a summary of his response: “The conditions for me to win were right. I felt no stress or pressure—no anxiety, which is my biggest adversary. When you feel too much or think too much, then you’re not skiing, you’re thinking—the continuous mind is too slow. If I’m thinking about the next marker, I know I’m losing. I know I’ve done good when I get to the bottom of the hill and all I remember is the top.”

Consider that for a moment. Being in action is what will help you overcome the automatic thoughts that try to derail you or hold you back. I want you to imagine a point in your life when you had a tremendous amount to do in a short period of time. As a matter of fact, if you looked at how much you had to accomplish in the amount of time that you were given, it seemed impossible. For example, you could have been getting ready for a holiday event. You had to shop and clean and wrap presents. Then you had to set the table and cook the 47 different recipes that had

sounded like a good idea when you were planning the menu last month. Now let me ask you this question: While you were doing all these things, what wasn’t there for you? I’ll tell you what wasn’t there: your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and opinions. The only thing that showed up was the action. You didn’t have time to question yourself. You didn’t have time to have an opinion. The only thing you could do was act. Think back to other times when you’ve been “in the zone.” When you’re in the middle of accomplishing great things, all of a sudden, you’ll shake your head and say, “Where has the time gone?” It’s at those times that you were being your commitment. This is the distinction of being versus doing. When my son was younger I forced him to take piano lessons, like any good parent does. (What? They don’t?) Well, at least I didn’t make him suffer alone. I also took the lessons with him. After doing this for a year, he was ready to pack his bags and leave me at the tender age of 10! It was during this time that I learned something very important about being versus doing. Once I learned to read the music and got the basics down, I did much better when I didn’t think too much. Just as the gold medalist said, “The continuous mind is too slow”; when you are playing the piano, you cannot do the song, you have to be the music. Similarly, if a ballerina starts to look at her feet and asks herself, “Am I doing this correctly?” or, “Am I moving my feet the right way?” that’s when she messes up. You can’t do ballet; you must be the dance.

When all else fails? Take ACTION. It’s the secret sauce to making things happen, and living a life worth smiling about!

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