Best Value Real Estate Agent Training and Coaching for $1.55 Per Day
February 3, 2022

Best Value Real Estate Agent Training and Coaching for $1.55 Per Day

When Real Estate Agents Are Looking for Real Estate Training and Coaching – They Want Value and Results. We’re bringing that to the table for agents at every stage of their real estate careers!

So, today, we decided to have a little fun with our readers. We shared a little bit about us, what we do, and how transformational we believe our coaching program is…by spotlighting a whole bunch of things that cost more than our membership but won’t do a thing towards helping you build a career like we can! May we present…

47 Things That Cost More Per Day Than the Power Agent® Program and Won’t Get You a Single Listing or Sale

This is probably the most fun we’ve ever had doing research for a blog. It’s also one of the rare times in our lives that we’ve thought of math as our friend.

The Smile Squad came up with the idea of finding things that cost more than a day of membership in the Power Agent® Program which, for just $47 per month, is a real estate training and coaching program that includes: 

  • A robust classroom packed with more than 600 real estate marketing tools, checklists, training modules, and more  
  • A powerful  real estate referral directory 
  • WEEKLY hot topic real estate training 
  • WEEKLY real estate coaching calls 
  • MONTHLY Brainstorming sessions with hundreds of members from top producers to brokers to even new real estate agents sharing ideas that are working
  • A mentoring group of like-minded, service-focused agents across North America 
  • A Squad of support team members 
  • And dare we say it, the funniest, and yet super strategic best real estate coach in the industry, Darryl Davis  

Now, comes the math!

We had some math to work out first. So, we dusted off our calculators and broke down the average cost of a Power Agent® membership per day, and here’s what we came up with: 

At $47 per month, a membership with the Power Agent® Program costs an average of $1.55 a day. ($1.54 in a leap year.) Even less than that, the cost of the New Member $5 30-day trial for the Power Agent® program breaks down to only $0.17 a day!

We’ve had more than a few Power Agents® say to their colleagues perched on the decision-making fence of whether to try the program or not, “What’s there to think about? At $5, the Power Program® is less than a cup of coffee!”  

While that’s true, we thought we could come up with a broader list than just the one hot, glorious beverage that sustains our daily lives. 

Inspired by our $47 price point for the program, we settled in to find 47 items that cost more than the price of a day in the Power Agent® real estate training and coaching Program

We found some pretty interesting comparisons and discovered a few things too! Like we really shouldn’t research lists like this so close to lunchtime… 

The Daily Cost of the Power Agent® Real Estate and Coaching Program costs less than: best-value-real-estate-training-and-coaching-george-rosario

  1. DVD or Blu-Ray Rental 
  2. 1 gallon of Gasoline 
  3. A pack of Chewing Gum 
  4. 1 bottle of water at the movies 
  5. Taco Supreme from Taco Bell 
  6. half dozen organic eggs 
  7. A king-size Snickers bar 
  8. 2 items from any dollar menu 
  9. Hashbrowns from McDonald’s 
  10. Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes 
  11. A slice of Pizza at Costco 
  12. 8 bottles of water from a Costco vending machine 
  13. Gallon of milk 
  14. A half-sized sub sandwich from Subway 
  15. A bag of chips 
  16. 1-piece chicken meal at KFC 
  17. 1 box of tissues 
  18. A 20oz. bottle of soda 
  19. A deck of UNO playing cards 
  20. Sunday newspaper 
  21. A stick of deodorant 
  22. A tube of Lip Balm 
  23. kid’s meal at any restaurant 
  24. An order of chips and salsa at any restaurant 
  25. A jar of pickles 
  26. cans of cat food 
  27. small bag of popcorn at the movies 
  28. A package of salad mix 
  29. A pint of beer 
  30. A hair cut at Great Clips 
  31. A small order of fries 
  32. medium-sized fountain drink from most restaurants 
  33. An order of onion rings 
  34. 2-pack of BIC lighters 
  35. A 32-pack of crayons 
  36. 2-liter of soda 
  37. 200-count bottle of Walmart’s generic brand of Tylenol  
  38. ride on the city bus 
  39. An hour on a parking meter in Clearwater, FL 
  40. A bag of gummy bears 
  41. A pack of hair ties 
  42. A pack of Oreo cookies 
  43. An ice cream cone from Cold Stone Creamery 
  44. cup of soup from Panera 
  45. bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts 
  46. muffin from Starbucks 
  47. 3 oz. of beef jerky 

Now, listen – we’re not knocking any of the items above. Certainly, some are gems for your morning commute, others pantry staples, kid-calmers, fast-food drive-through gastric experiences, and definitely a few items that I dare you not to find rolling around in the car somewhere. (We’re eyeing you lip balm, gum, and hair ties!) 

Now, you may be thinking I NEED some of these things, want them at the very least, and frankly, we’re all probably a little hungry if we’re honest.  

Big Question:  

We challenge you to look beyond the fountain drinks, French fries, and even that king-sized Snickers and ask yourself, are any of those things going to move the needle on your real estate career? 

Probably not. But we can.

We can totally do all of that and more!

Like how to achieve your real estate goals!  We can help you do that.

How to become a real estate success story? Yep. We’ve got that covered.

How to feel more authentic, less salesy, more connected on every appointment with sellers or buyers? No problem!

How to create customers for life that become part of a sustainable real estate referral stream just like top producers do? Yep. We can do that too!

AND you can try it first for an entire 30-days for just that cup of coffee price of $5! 

Then, it’s just $1.55 a day ($1.54 in a leap year) to tap into everything you need to build a strong, sustainable real estate business with coaching and mentoring, training and tools, and a whole support squad that wakes up every day committed to making sure you and all our members have more to smile about. 

You, your career, your family’s financial freedom – that’s all worth an investment of $1.55 a day, don’t you think? 

A quick peek at our coaching competitors’ pricing and you’re looking at monthly rates of: $1299 (plus a $500 set up fee), $650, $499, $99, $1010, $650, $497, $649 – just to choose a few.  

Yikes – those are going to cost you way more than a latte to try things out, and we can 100% guarantee you won’t have as much fun.  

Around here we like to laugh. We know the connection between laughing and learning. We’ve seen the bottom-line results agents get in their business when they’ve got all the tools that they need in one, big, fun, easy-to-navigate classroom and they have the plan they can work from a coach that they trust to level up their business in ways they never even dreamed possible.  

Power Agents®, you already know you’ve got something special, and I’m sure you’ve heard Gale talk about how the Classroom is like “Christmas in a Box” because there are so many real estate coaching and real estate training tools for you and we just keep adding more! Head to your Classroom now to see what’s new!  

Not a Power Agent® yet? No worries! Skip the soda, or the pack of gum from the list above and try us on for just $5 to get all-access to everything in the classroom, a real estate coach who cares, the real estate training you can count on, and a Smile Squad that has your back!  

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Tap Into the Best Real Estate Coaching and Training in the  Business today for Just Five Dollars!




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