How to Envision & Create a Successful Life

22 May How to Envision & Create a Successful Life

Your Vision, Like Magic, Begins to Make It Happen

By Motivational Keynote Speaker Darryl Davis

There’s a success story I heard about Roy Disney and the opening of Epcot Center at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. On the opening day, a newspaper reporter approached Roy and said to him, “This must be a bittersweet day for you.” Roy asked, “What do you mean?” The reporter answered, “Well, it’s great that this new park is being opened, and it looks fabulous, but it’s a shame that Walt didn’t live to see it.” To that, Roy replied, “My brother did see it; that’s why we’re standing here today.”

The ability to clearly “see” something that hasn’t yet materialized is part of the path to your Next Level. You must be able to visualize whatever it is that you want in the future. If you allow your mind to see the bigger picture, it will subconsciously begin to work on achieving it. If you were to ask people who are good at doing jigsaw puzzles (I’m horrible at them), “What’s the most important piece of the puzzle?” you would get different answers. Some might say that it’s one of the corner pieces, while others would say that it’s the center piece. Now, the real pros will tell you that the most important piece of the jigsaw puzzle is the cover of the box, because that shows you what the end result should look like! From there, your brain starts to look at each and every piece in the context of how to complete that picture. The same is true for your life.

They say all success happens twice – first in your mind – then in your life. What do YOU want to make your life extraordinary? Make that vision crystal clear in your mind – and you’ll be well on your way to making it happen in your life. Now, there’s something to smile about, right?

Want to learn more about creating the vision in your mind – and fulfilling it in your life? Check out my book How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About or call me to find out how I can bring this game-changing topic to your next event!

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