Expect the Best…

15 Jul Expect the Best…

And You Create Success

By Smile Expert and Motivational Keynote Speaker Darryl Davis

You know what is AMAZING? That we can control the direction of our futures by controlling the influence on our thoughts and minds. From the time we’re little – until we are done our days, when we EXPECT the BEST – we help create a more successful future.

Something to think about: There have been many studies done with high school students which show how their self-perception is influenced by the external inputs that they face each day, and how this self-perception then dictates the way they act moving forward. For instance, if a high school student feels that he or she is not intelligent, even if it’s not true, he or she will live based on that belief. If we tell a high school student that he’s a stupid kid, that he needs extra help, or that he has challenges or is failing, that student is going to act based on those imposed beliefs.

BUT … if we acknowledge and reward him for his accomplishments and we focus more on those accomplishments than on the challenges that he might be having — that empowers him to live based on this positivity and be more successful moving forward.

There was a study in which teachers were told that particular students had scored exceptionally high on standardized tests and that they were considered gifted. The students were just average in their scores and had been chosen at random. Surprise, surprise though — by the end of the year, the students that were labeled “gifted” had higher grades than their peers!

So, we see that positive acknowledgment is extraordinarily powerful in terms of enabling the people in our lives to live up to their potential. It also touches on the power of positive expectations. If you expect that someone will succeed—and treat him or her as if it was a rock-solid fact that they are already successful—chances are – they’ll be far more likely to succeed.

Step one – give YOURSELF a D.O.S.E.* by telling yourself what a success you are. Then start living and acting on that belief. It WORKS.

Step two – empower those around you to give them to do the same thing. Your partner. Your kids. Your colleagues. Your friends. Help foster people’s self-perception of their worth and you help foster better, more successful lives for those around you.

What’s a D.O.S.E.? We naturally produce feel-good chemicals in our brains that help us to be happy and healthy. They are:

D: Dopamine = Dreams. O: Oxytocin = Others. S: Serotonin = Success. E: Endorphins = Enthusiasm.

That’s just ONE way to design a life worth smiling about!  Want to learn more? Read my book! It’s FILLED to the brim with strategies for designing a better life. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave them here or find me on Facebook! Make it a GREAT day!

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