Here’s Proof You WILL Get Through Your Challenges

03 Jun Here’s Proof You WILL Get Through Your Challenges

If you’re having any kind of challenge or adversity, or feeling a little down about your life, I hope this video will help you see that you will get through it. Because here’s the thing… you’ve got what it takes to get to the other side. You’ve got what it takes to hit the next milestone. You look at all the people in the world who have gone through tough stuff. Take bankruptcy – Walt Disney filed, Larry King filed (twice), William Fox, Stan Lee, Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason — the list goes on… they made their way through difficult times and you will too. The trick? Trust yourself. Remember that everything changes. keep that “this too shall pass” mantra in your mind. Think back to everything hard you’ve ever made it through and remind yourself that your success rate for getting through those things is 100%.

Perspective is an amazing thing. So today? Smile. You’ve got this.

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