November 26, 2018

How to Handle the “Other Agent” Objections

POWERFACT:  You can’t build yourself up by tearing others down.

Great agents use strategy and skill to set themselves apart from their competition. One question we get a lot on our Monday Coaching Calls is, “How do I respond to a seller who says the other agent has more listings or more experience?” That’s a great question. My first reaction is to always remind agents not to bad mouth other agents. You can’t build the tallest building in town by knocking the others down. What you can do is know enough about your competition to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that you know what skills and strengths that you possess that will counter them.

In the case of those who are just getting started or restarted in the business, I like to teach you all to use analogies when responding. You can speak from the heart about having so much passion because you are newer — that you’ll work harder, and with more commitment than your colleagues because you have big goals to reach.

You can remind sellers that bigger doesn’t always mean better.  Look at Blockbuster. They were undoubtedly the biggest in their field in video rentals. What happened? They failed to change with the times, got lazy, lost their edge, and were toppled by newcomers to that space. Blackberry is another example. They were once considered the best in class in phone technology — but they got complacent, failed to change, and lost their stronghold on the market as well.

So often agents get tied up in waiting until they’ve hit some big goal to feel good about themselves or their ability. I’m here to tell you that this is a tremendous industry — and anyone with the right commitment and passion can learn the skills they need to do great things. Don’t wait. Start where you are, with what you have, and move forward.

We’re here to help you with that. If you’re just starting out — we have special tools just for you. Contact my team at to learn more. There’s no limit to what you can do or who you can be in this business. We’ve got you covered.

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