How To Not Let Negative News Bring You Down

19 Jun How To Not Let Negative News Bring You Down

Had it up to HERE with negative news? I get it. It’s a often scary world we live in these days. I was asked by a Facebook follower my thoughts on  how to stay positive in what feels like a very negative world. It’s true, that watching the news these days can make anyone want to find ways to feel better. First, I’d say I don’t think turning off some of that news is a bad idea. It’s not head-in-the-sand — it’s taking care of yourself and your mindset. 

Next, I’d suggest a couple of things…

  1. Reduce your frustration by committing to your immediate world. In other words, those folks that surround you — friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and the like. Your ability to affect global change is probably pretty limited, but in YOUR globe, or your corner of the world, if you can commit to being a positive influence, a positive “news-maker” if you will, you can affect change there. And that raises people up. Which makes you and them feel better.
  2. Take part in the balance. So, I know everyone sees me as “Mr. Smiles” — but of course, that’s not ALWAYS the case. Just like everyone else, I can face challenges or obstacles or frustrations. That’s the way life goes sometimes, right?  For me, that’s just not a place I want to unpack my bags and hang out for the duration. So instead, I look for ways to shift that balance. So, I might call a friend that I’m blessed to have, to help me out of that funk. Or watch an inspiring video. Or I might listen to some disco (no cracks!) Or watch some great comedy.  All these things can help you stay positive in a sometimes negative world.

I’m glad people are asking these kind of questions. I’m happy that people are looking for ways to contribute positively. That’s a great way to help themselves live a life worth smiling about. I hope that helps. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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