How to Recover From Stress Quicker

25 May How to Recover From Stress Quicker

Here’s what I learned from two really smart people Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman from the University of Kansas:  Smiling — through stress — helps you recover FASTER.  See, they did a study that took 169 people and put them through a series of multi-tasking cycles to induce stress. Like, one was they had to trace a star with their non-dominant hand while staring into a mirror. You can just feel the anxiety thinking about it can’t you? Yikes! So, they took part of the group and had them bite on a chopstick while dealing with the stress.  (Which told their face, and hence, their brains, that they were smiling.) At the end of the study – the folks that were chopstick-smiling were able to recover much quicker than the folks who weren’t “smiling”.

Here’s the thing… life is going to toss you curve balls. There’s going to be stress. That’s just the way life rolls. BUT, if you can find a way to smile through it?  You’ll be able to find a solution to your problem faster. You’ll bounce back from whatever it is quicker — and you’ll be smiling! Try it. It works. Plus, the nice scientists at KU did all that work so let’s put it to good use!


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