12 Apr Why Your Brain Is the World’s Best Radio Station

positive thinkingDavid Guetta, Tiesto, Skrillex – what do these people have in common? They’re some of the world’s best DJs, of course! Well, what if I told you that you had something in common with them as well? You, too, are the world’s best DJ; however, instead of spinning records, you get to spin your own brain. By becoming the DJ of your own brain, you can practice positive thinking with ease.

If Your Brain Is a Radio Station, You Are the DJ

Radio waves are swirling all around you, but you can’t see them. The electromagnetic signals go from tower to tower, and eventually they spew out of your car’s speakers and into your ears. You have control over the knob that controls the radio stations in your car; however, you can’t control the stations themselves.

Your brain is just like a radio station. The only difference between your brain and an actual radio is that while you can turn the radio off when you can’t find something you like, you can’t turn off your brain. Even the most positive people – Martha Stewart, Oprah, Gandhi – have negative thoughts from time to time.

Don’t waste your effort trying to make negative thoughts disappear; instead, recognize them for what they are and filter them out.

The best DJs have listened to thousands of bad songs; they just know how to find the good ones. The difference between a good DJ and a bad DJ is that good DJs listen to bad songs and know not to play them. By becoming the DJ of your brain, you can hear those negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and throw them out.

Positive Thinking Is All About Contrast

The Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang helps to illustrate this point. The philosophy revolves around the duality of dark and light. While dark and light are opposite and contrasting, in practice, they complement each other. Positive thinking and negative thinking work in the same exact way.

For you to recognize positive thoughts, you have to recognize your negative thoughts as well. By recognizing your negative thoughts, you will not only notice your positive thoughts more easily, but you’ll also be more grateful for them! In fact, your positive thoughts rely on your negative thoughts to exist. It’s only by acknowledging your negative thoughts that you can truly comprehend the power of positivity.

Emotions aren’t a science, but they do have scientific effects. Positive thinking has been correlated and even implicated in some cancer patients’ recovery; if that’s not powerful, then I’m not sure what is! An increase in positive thinking is also associated with a decrease in stress.

“Having the right attitude is even more important for your body than daily sunscreen and a weekend spa getaway, every other week – yes, that important.” –Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen

brain4Instead of curing your stress by spending thousands of dollars on booking a vacation in an overpriced resort, learn how to properly DJ your brain’s radio station! When those negative thoughts start coming in, just close your eyes, do your best Steve Aoki impression, and tune them out. Turn that dial until you hear something you like, because at the end of the day, you’re in charge of your brain’s radio station. To learn more about positive thinking, check out Darryl Davis‘ latest, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About. And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

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