A Recipe for Getting Through Life

07 Jun A Recipe for Getting Through Life

With a Smile!

By Motivational Keynote Speaker Darryl Davis

Life can throw some curveballs at you. That’s kind of what it does. How we act or react to those curves makes all the different. Once we understand that our thoughts will occur, whether we like them or not, we can learn to deal with them effectively. The true power of this concept lies in being able to identify what is actually happening in our lives as opposed to how we interpret what is happening.

Here’s an interesting (and tasty) analogy. If I were baking some cookies, the first ingredient I might use is butter. Think of the butter as the reality of our lives—the facts. While I have that solid hunk of butter, it’s easy to deal with. I can measure it, soften it, or melt it if I need to. The next ingredient is the sugar. Think of this as our thoughts and feelings. Once I add sugar to the butter, these two ingredients become something else, and I can no longer deal with them individually. There’s no way for me to adjust or remeasure at this point. It’s the same way with our thoughts and feelings.

We tend to get into the habit of having them so mixed into our reality that we can no longer separate them. Now, just as you can’t make delicious cookies without both butter and sugar, you can’t have an awesome life that’s worth smiling about without having both the facts and your thoughts and feelings. You just have to know how to keep them in the right balance.

So, next time life hands you lemons, press pause before you start whipping up the lemonade. Put a little perspective into what is actually happening and how you feel about it and try to find the balance between the two. Perspective is a powerful thing. It helps us smile through a lot of life’s recipes that take a turn on us.  Now, whether you’re making cookies, lemonade or just getting through life—my hope is to help you keep smiling.

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