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“Darryl is one of the most natural entertainers and educators I have the privilege of knowing. When he gets on the stage, he will grab you and all you can do is hold on for the ride.”

Les Brown

“How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About™”

In today’s world, life can get hectic. It’s important to know not only how to deal with stress, but how to move through it and get to the other side. Darryl gives a comical and entertaining way for attendees of all levels of experience to have more joy and less stress in their lives. Based on the book with the same title, this fast-paced seminar is full of stories and inspiring messages to help give people hope, even excitement, about the opportunities that exist for them in their future. The goal of this keynote is for you to leave more focused and motivated to start being in action in your life.

You will learn:

  • The Power of Smiling: scientific studies on how smiling changes your attitude
  • How to get clear about what’s important in your life
  • How to deal with negative influences
  • How to stay focused
  • Techniques to keep a positive attitude
  • How to have a breakthrough in communication at home and with your colleagues at work
  • How to live a life with purpose
  • How to get passionate about your life again

“Darryl makes people laugh, smile and MOST OF ALL, HE MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES. His presentations are always very entertaining and most of all, mind stimulating.”

Ron Klein, Inventor: Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card and Developer: Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services

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