22 Mar Spend Your Time Wisely to Achieve Happiness


How do you put a value on time? Time is certainly measurable, but it means something different to each person. Just as your own definition of happiness is a personal one, so is the value of the currency of your own time. I’m here to be your financial advisor of this important commodity.


You Are an Accountant for Your Time

Treat the amount of time you have each day as you would treat your bank account. You wake up with 86,400 seconds to spend, and you have to spend them all every day. This is a good thing! Let’s take a careful look at how you spend your time now.

Begin by writing down everything you do each day, and start paying attention to the “returns” on your “investments.” For example, if you spend 20 minutes in the morning to feed and walk your dog, what’s the return? You could easily list the health benefits of starting your day with some physical activity and some bonding time with your dog (which has been shown to increase oxytocin). Do you spend 30 minutes reading to your kids when you put them to bed? The return on that is priceless.

Next, take a look at the investments that are probably not showing much return. Are you spending 2 hours on Facebook or Twitter? 30 minutes listening to your friend’s drama with their boss – which sounds strangely familiar to the issue they had with their boss last week?

Make Small Adjustments

Now, I’m not saying in any way that you should abandon your best friend, or that social media is evil. I really just want you to see where and how you are spending this very precious commodity that is your time. After this exercise, it should be easy to see where some adjustments need to be made. If you cut the time you spend on FaceBook by 50%, what could you do with that extra hour in your day?

The mind gets whatever it focuses on. You reap what you sow. Focus on problems, and you’ll see more problems. But focus on positivity, and you’ll get more of just that.” –R.L. Adams


Time Management

Don’t focus too much on the losses … Just be honest about the way you spend your time, and plan small steps to spend it more wisely. Write down some goals – both short-term and long-term – that you’d like to achieve in the future. Investing your time properly can help you achieve any goal, including happiness.

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