Take the Time to Work ON Your Life

12 Jun Take the Time to Work ON Your Life

Not Just IN Your Life
As human beings, we’re inundated so much of the time with the things on our to-do lists. We’ve got pressure to keep up, and to check off the tasks on those lists. I get it. Work, kids, money, house, obligations, schedules — repeat-right? Yes, but I’d like to challenge you to remember the importance of working ON your life, ON yourself as a person as well. As business people, a lot of times we just live in a state of being reactive to whatever comes our way. What if you took a little time to be proactive about your personal growth and well-being. Can you see how that investment might pay off?

This week  look at some of the ways that will improve your…

  • skills
  • attitude
  • insights
  • ideas
  • quality of life
  • spirituality
  • business acumen
  • resilience
  • peace of mind
  • health
  • well-being
  • joy

See, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. It’s easy to say, “I’ll worry about that next week.” When we do that, though, very often those really important things that can improve our days don’t ever make it on the to do list. Maybe think about making quality time with yourself a daily practice. Even if it’s just 15 minutes or so. Can you read a book? Watch something motivational? Keep a gratitude journal? Find something that makes you laugh?  Meditate?

Whatever works for you is great. Just make sure it’s a priority. Your life, your happiness, your joy — it’s all so worth the time you’ll spend, I promise. That’s just one little way, 15 minutes a day that you can help create a life worth smiling about. You deserve it!

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