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17 Jul Take the Wheel

How to Be the CAUSE in Your Life – Not Just Live with Effects

By Motivational Speaker Darryl Davis

One of the greatest motivational speakers, in my opinion, was Zig Ziglar. And one of my favorite quotes that Zig often used was, “When you point your finger at the problem, there’s three fingers pointing back at you.” People who make excuses think that they are letting themselves off the hook by avoiding blame or something, but what they are really doing is robbing themselves of the power that comes from being in control of their own life. Whenever you blame circumstances when something goes wrong, you put yourself at the mercy of external forces that you’re saying you can’t do anything about. When you live from a commitment to integrity, however, you start to have some power and control over how your life looks. This helps you avoid the syndrome of coming across as a victim.

“But, Darryl,” I can hear you thinking, “there are times when I literally can’t attend a meeting because something else runs late. That’s not an excuse, that’s reality!” Good point. But keep in mind that what we are discussing here is how to create a life that’s worth smiling about—how to create your own reality that motivates and empowers you. While it’s true that you may miss a meeting, the reason for this is that you made a choice to miss it when the other meeting ran late. Take responsibility for that choice! A typical person might say, “I missed our 2 p.m. conference call because my previous meeting started an hour late.” Here’s what a person living with high integrity would say (and, by the way, you would alert the people in the later meeting in advance, not after the fact): “I am involved in a meeting right now that’s running late. I’m going to stay in this meeting and would like to reschedule,” or, “and I’d like to touch base with you later to get the summary of what was discussed.” Can you see the difference? In one case, you are blaming external forces. In the other, you are taking responsibility for what is happening around you and powerfully and proactively choosing how to respond. It’s vitally important that you learn to be the cause in your life rather than simply display the effects.

Now, what does this have to do with living a life worth smiling about? I believe that a lot of the reason for stress in our lives is that we spend a lot of energy and time trying to clean up our mistakes when what we should really be doing is taking full responsibility for the outcomes we produce. All this cleanup effort is exhausting and unproductive. Instead? Take the wheel. Navigate your life, your business, and your relationships with integrity and honesty. When you do? You’ll make the gear shift that will help you live a life worth smiling about.

Need help finding the keys to do that? Check out my book, How to Live a Life Worth Smiling About or give me a call to find out what bringing this topic to YOUR organization can mean for your productivity, profitability and level of joy. All three are essential for building momentum.


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