How to Tell Your Sellers the Party's OVER:
Pricing Listings in Today's Market

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022
12pm Eastern | 9am Pacific


In this powerful and timely session, you will learn how to:

  • Use THE perfect metaphors and analogies that will make communicating market shifts SO much easier  
  • Take advantage of simple visual tools to help coach clients on prices in a competitive market  
  • Best leverage the shift from the seller's market (and seller expectations) we've been experiencing to the BEST market for buyers, sellers, AND agents  
  • Use the news to get fence-sitters off the fence and into action  
  • Meet the market shifts with a few game-changing mindset shifts that will help you make this summer one of the best ever for your business  

It's been a good run for sellers, right? I mean, what we've just gone through was NOT even a seller's market. That was some crazy, frenzied, free-for-all that really only favored the folks on the selling end of the real estate stick!   In the news and in recent polls... what we know now is that...

That ship has sailed. 

Over the past few years, many agents haven't given much thought to truly having a tough price conversation with sellers. It's been the type of market where you knew, even if they started high; eventually, the market would catch up.

This is all coming to a serious stop. Prices have already leveled out in most markets, and others are on the way. If you don't take the time NOW to get super-skilled on how to communicate to sellers that the free-for-all pricing party is over, then it WILL affect your business. NOT because rates have changed or markets are normalizing, but because you won't have kept up on what it takes to communicate that change effectively to clients.

There is an opportunity right NOW as this market shifts to massively increase your inventory - but ONLY if you understand how to be face-to-face with a homeowner and present price with confidence.

If you're ready to know the best words and ways to give sellers a reality check, buyers a new lease on hope, and get ahead of the curve before your competition does – don't miss a minute of what we've got in store for you.

Get ready to have fun, learn tools and techniques that might surprise you, and maybe even nab a "party favor" or two! We've got you!

Presented by Darryl Davis,
CEO at Darryl Davis Seminars, Inc.
Helping real estate agents design careers
worth smiling about for over 30 years.


Here Are the Details for This Webinar

  • When is it? October 12, 12PM New York (EDT), 11AM Chicago (CDT), 10AM Denver (MDT), 9AM Los Angeles (PDT)
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Darryl Davis, Real Estate Coach
  • What's it all about? The best words and ways to give sellers a reality check, buyers a new lease on hope, and get ahead of the curve before your competition does!

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