Video – The Importance of Human Contact

27 Jul Video – The Importance of Human Contact

In Designing a Life Worth Smiling AboutI wanted to repost this video because I think it’s funny — and I believe in the message. We’re talking about the effects of physical TOUCH and the response that has on our happiness quotient. Studies have shown as human beings we need physical contact with others. What does science tell us? Things like premature babies respond faster and gain 40% more weight when they are held and cuddled.  Alzheimer’s patients have a significant drop in depression when they are being touched and interacting with caregivers.  Hugs can decrease disease and boost immune systems. In negotiating, a touch of the shoulder can generate a trust response that can help seal a business deal. Paul Zak, the author of The Moral Molecule, shared, “We touch to initiate and sustain cooperation.” He conducted a neuroeconomics study that argued hugs or handshakes are likely to cause the release of the neurochemical oxytocin, which increases the chances that a person will treat another like family, even if they just met. How cool is that?

So, without getting all grabby out there, can you think of some ways that you can increase your own level of human touch to boost your happiness level? Maybe hug your kids more? Your partner? Shake more hands! I’m at a conference and you wouldn’t normally shake the hand of the person at the registration desk or the bellman at the hotel — right? But why not? It’s good for you – and them!

Many also seek physical touch wellness and well-being through massage therapy, acupressure, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. All more evidence of the positive effects of human contact!

This week, I encourage you to make like the old AT&T commercial and “reach out and touch someone”. Connect with the people in your life, emotionally and physically. Lend a hand where possible – and enjoy the moments.  It’s all part of designing a life worth smiling about!

#KeepSmiling 🙂

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