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When agents have the right tools, training, resources, and coaching – they can do ANYTHING. That’s why we provide a robust and comprehensive platform that helps POWER AGENTS® get to their NEXT LEVEL faster, easier, and with far less stress.  


NOT your average coaching call. Every Monday, Darryl fields questions live, shares dialogues that make a difference, and develops content on the fly. The calls are recorded so that you can continue to learn from them again and again.


Social media takes a front and center role for a lot of agents and is a great tool for one-to-many communication. We help make that easier with simple, downloadable shares for you to use! 


Markets are shifting at a rapid rate, and the way agents do business has to be as fluid as those changes. From timely objection handlers, to listing tools – you’ll have everything you need to stay ahead of your competition and top of mind with your sphere and farm. 


While not a fan of “canned speeches” – Darryl does have the “magic words” that help agents land more appointments and listings, as well as handle tough objections with ease. Darryl’s dialogues are based on relatable stories, metaphors, analogies, and service-minded questions.


Getting started in this business can be tricky business. That’s why we consistently put new tools and resources in place to help newer agents build strong foundations from the start and earn commissions faster. 


Today’s agents are constantly on the go, which means learning time is very often after hours or before the break of dawn. That’s why we provide easy on demand access to all our monthly webinars. You can pick a topic and learn at a time and place that is convenient for YOU! 

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The #1 requested tool agents have asked for to help them succeed during this crisis is a listing conversation they can host virtually. Powerful. Moving. CUSTOMIZE-ABLE. And JUST what agents need to move forward with more confidence!

When you join The Power Agent® Program today, you'll get a copy of Darryl's slides from today's presentation when applicable.

To get the full value of the concepts, content, and training from a webinar, download the slides!

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Power Agent® Program receive our updated social media guide "15 Social Media Live Ideas In Times of Crisis" to help you stay top of mind with smart ideas and a compassionate message.

We've put together 15 ideas for going Live on your social media platforms for you to spread a little good news and information to your network.

When you join The Power Agent® Program today, we will give you our updated "Dialogues For The New Real Estate Reality."

What to say and how to say it -- from a place of compassion and service has never been more important than now during this new real estate reality. Here are the dialogues to get you started with the new conversations happening in real estate today.

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This resource hub provides you with the tools you need to navigate through this challenging time. This hub includes all the bonuses you will receive today and so much more. We are constantly updating to this resource hub so our members have all the latest information they need to navigate through this new real estate reality.

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"I’m a 20-year real estate veteran! I originally signed my daughter and I up because I thought it would be good for her, but I’m finding extreme value in the program as well! Love the calls!"
- Joann | Power Agent®

"When I started Darryl's training a year ago, I had $2,000 - now I make $200,000 per year!"
- Lana| Power Agent®

"I made my first set of calls to FSBOs yesterday using the dialogues. I spoke with three people and set up appointments for all three!"
- Val | Power Agent®

A Word From Darryl

“Our commitment is to help agents design lives and careers worth smiling about. We give them what they need to generate income, build a strong business, and truly love what they do on a daily basis. We know when agents have the tools they need – not only does their business thrive, but they are happier in their personal lives and are a stronger, more positive influence in their communities. That’s powerful, and we’re so proud to be a resource for agents worldwide.” 

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