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The Virtual Listing Conversation

Empowering agents to host virtual listing conversations with an in-person level of communication skills and rapport. Get ready to learn new ways to communicate value, talk price, coach sellers about their commitment, and list some houses!

How to Navigate Through This New Real Estate Reality

Things are changing at what feels like the speed of light, and you may be struggling to adapt your mindset and skillsets fast enough to keep up. That’s why we're bringing this training session to you. With humor, heart, and a healthy dose of how-to’s, Darryl will share what you need to do right now to navigate through this new real estate reality.

The Agent's Guide to Sanity in a "Socially Distanced" World

For most of us, managing the rapid change that is taking place daily in this business, our country, and our world - feels a LOT like building a plane while we’re flying it. That’s scary for almost anyone, but knowing that every adversity comes with an equal or greater opportunity brings hope.

That’s where Darryl Davis steps in to help you quiet the noise and distraction - and leverage smart tools and creative solutions for turning breakdowns into breakthroughs.


Things are changing at a lightning pace for everyone. Every 24 hours seems to have a new wave of information that affects how we do business. We’re here to help you. As always, know that we are here for you. We’re better together. I know this is a scary time as a whole, and I also know how deeply you care about your clients and communities and helping them stay calm and problem- solve as we move through this new real estate reality.

That’s why I wanted to give you some additional gifts of tools that we have created for our Power Agent members to help them stay connected with their sphere and farm, adjust to working in a virtual space, and stay grounded in their business and life during this time. I hope they serve you well.

Wishing you wellness and safety.

The Agent Field Guide for the New Real Estate Reality

The toolkit was designed to help you stay clear and focused during these uncertain times.

These proven templates, tools and activities were built to help you generate two listings or sales in the next 30 days.

Click here to download The Agent Field Guide for the New Real Estate Reality.

Note: The above filesize is very large. It may take a few minutes to download.

15 Social Media Live Ideas In Times of Crisis

We've put together 15 ideas for going Live on your social media platforms for you to spread a little good news and information to your network.

Click here to download the 15 Social Media Live Ideas in Times of Crisis.


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