Words Matter

12 Jul Words Matter

(Choose Them Wisely)

By Business Motivational Speaker Darryl Davis

INTEGRITY. When it comes to integrity, the language that we use is crucial. Our words matter. When we make a commitment and tell someone that we’re going to do something, we need to keep our word. When we make a promise to ourselves, we need to follow through. When we set our Next Level goals, we need to do what it takes to continuously move toward them. It all starts with our speaking. Our words create a reality for ourselves and for those we communicate with.

THE DIFFERENCE. I read an article in Sports Illustrated in which the reporter interviewed three umpires. The first umpire had just started his career as an umpire. The second umpire had been on the job for about 10 years, and the third one had been in the business for about 20 years. The reporter asked all three of them, “How do you know when to call a ball or a strike?” The first umpire said, “I call it how I see it”; the second umpire said, “I call it how it is”; and the third umpire said, “It isn’t anything yet until I call it.” Now that’s real power! Think about that statement: until that umpire says what it is, it really isn’t anything. In other words, it doesn’t exist until the umpire makes the call. (Consider this for a moment. Have you ever watched a baseball game where the umpire takes a long time to call the pitch? If so, you know this statement is true. The pitch is neither a ball nor a strike until the umpire says so.) That’s a great illustration of the tremendous power of our words.

THE RIGHT WORDS: People have been inspired by words, companies have been created, and even nations have been invented – because of WORDS. For the past several years, it’s been a tradition in our family to spend the Fourth of July in Washington, DC. On one of our annual trips, I took my family to see Ford’s Theatre, where President Lincoln was shot. Hanging in the museum, there is a copy of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. I thought it was important for my son to understand how powerful words can be and how important his speaking is. So, after we read it, I said to him, “What amazes me is not that the speech inspired a nation, or that after a couple of hundred years we’re still talking about it. It doesn’t surprise me that this speech has been etched in granite on a monument in honor of an incredible human being. What does amaze me is the fact that this speech consists of only 272 words. To me, that’s the brilliant thing. Because the right words were used in the right order at the right time, it was able to inspire a nation.” I wanted my son to know that as he gets older and masters the English language, maybe he too can inspire people with just his speaking.

What about you? What words have recently INSPIRED you? What words have MOVED you to make a difference – in your work – or your LIFE?  I’d love to hear them.

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