Jennifer Hiller - how to get more listings with letters
November 12, 2023

Letters, Learning, and Loving What You Do 

Takeaways from Our Interview with Super POWER AGENT® Jennifer Hiller and how she managed to get 22 listings from one letter… 

There’s nothing we love seeing more here at POWER AGENT® Headquarters than a member putting the tools and strategies we share into practice and knocking it out of the park. That was certainly the case with Jennifer Hiller, whose elated video about her farming success story created quite the buzz in the Facebook Group, our community of agents, and our Smile Squad.  

One Letter = 22 Listings 

Upon seeing a vacant property on her street, Jennifer took the initiative to personalize one of the letters in the Classroom and send it to the property owner, offering an introduction, a CMA, and her assistance. Lo and behold, it turned out that the woman who owned the property was a long-time investor of advanced years and was thinking about selling the property – as well as her other 21 investments! This just goes to show that a good letter, a little tenacity, and timing can be a game-changer. 

Wrap it Up 

Car wraps are expensive – but branding is powerful! As a budget-conscious agent, Jennifer decided to create an affordable car decal rather than a full car wrap, for product cost purposes but also from an insurance standpoint. According to her provider, a full wrap would require her to have a business policy, which was more expensive. Jennifer chose Signazon to create her cost-effective decal, which brands her in a powerful way in her market!  

Technology With a Twist 

As a relatively new agent, Jennifer adopted a few technology tools early on. KV Core as a CRM, texting tools, Online, QR Codes, digital business cards, and, of course, using the tools in the POWER AGENT® Classroom.  We love how she throws out “canned” messages and personalizes everything with her own personality. She shared a text that she crafted from a home evaluation lead that we loved for its authenticity.  

“Hi, Monica. This is Jennifer Hiller from EXP Realty. I just noticed that you were looking at homes on my website recently and wanted to reach out to offer you assistance in finding your next home. 

Please feel free to call or text with any questions I might be able to answer for you. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!”  

The point is, don’t get locked into the “copy and paste canned content” trap. For POWER AGENTS®, the beauty of having over 700 tools in your Classroom is that you can tweak them to make them your own!  

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Coaching and Community 

One of Jennifer’s priorities is the weekly coaching calls and being part of the community of agents we’ve created. Not only is she an incredible contributor to the calls and our group – but she takes every opportunity to tap into the learning curves that other agents have experienced to expedite her journey to her full potential.  

She shared, “In the beginning, the Wednesday webinars were my number one go-to, and then when I signed up, of course, the Monday coaching calls were, and still are, my number one go-to. Other than that, I’ll go to the Classroom once or twice a week just to look for things that I might be able to incorporate into my business to help things get going faster.” 

These are just little excerpts from Jennifer’s powerful interview with Darryl. Watch the whole interview and tap into what Jennifer is doing to make her mark on her market, her business, and our industry. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for all you do and all you are!  

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