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Davis, CSP

What would make YOU smile? Taking your career to the Next Level? Spending more quality time with your family and friends? Whatever facet of life you feel stuck in, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About will give you a  D.O.S.E.™ of everything you need to pull you out of any rut and get your wheels moving in the right direction.

Motivational business speaker and coach Darryl Davis shares his techniques for making strategic changes to dramatically improve your life and increase your sense of purpose. His live events are a special blend of fun, learning, and motivation with an easy-to-approach style that makes everyone more comfortable and creates the perfect atmosphere for learning.

“Darryl shows you how to build warmth, credibility and trust with people in your business and personal life.”

Brian Tracy, Author: Ultimate Sales Success

The Seminar:

How to design a life worth smiling about

In today’s world, life can get hectic. It’s important to know not only how to deal with stress, but how to move through it and get to the other side.

With humor, and powerful how-to’s, Darryl shares the strategies and tools that allow attendees of all levels of experience to have more joy and less stress in their lives.

Based on the book with the same title, this fast-paced session is full of stories and inspiring messages to help give people hope, even excitement, about the opportunities that exist for them in their future. The goal of this keynote is for you to leave more focused and motivated to take forward, positive action in your life.

“We all know the energy we feel when we’re happy. Darryl helps us become intentional about how to make those days the dominant rather than occasional part of our lives.”

Pam O’Connor, President/CEO Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

The Book:

Based on a unique and powerful combination of brain science, timeless wisdom, and good old common sense, How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About helps you:

  • Identify negative automatic thoughts and take control of them
  • Replace bad habits with good ones using scientifically proven methods
  • Take full responsibility for your life, helping you feel more in control of your circumstances
  • Form relationships with positive people
  • Free yourself from the fear of change and let go of the past

“This is an exceptional book on how our thought process can control our lives. By understanding that we have the power to create new thought pathways, we can live fuller, happier and healthier lives.”

Dr. Nido Qubein, President: High Point University, Chairman: Great Harvest Bread Co.


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