Darryl Davis launches revolutionary, first-of-its-kind AI real estate coach, Digital Darryl™, offering 24/7 coaching and training for agents.
March 22, 2024

Digital Darryl™ Revolutionizes Real Estate Coaching with AI-Powered, On-Demand Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Darryl Davis launches revolutionary, first-of-its-kind AI real estate coach, Digital Darryl™, offering 24/7 coaching and training for agents.

Rocky Point, New York — March 22, 2024 — In an unprecedented leap forward for real estate professionals eager to elevate their careers, Darryl Davis Seminars announced last week the launch of Digital Darryl™, the first real estate coaching AI program of its kind. Innovative and inspiring, this AI-powered coaching tool is designed to provide agents with 24/7 access to personalized coaching, real-world answers, industry insights, and motivation, often when they need it the most. Named after and inspired by renowned real estate coach and mentor Darryl Davis, Digital Darryl™ promises to transform the way agents learn, grow, and succeed in this ever-changing and competitive real estate market. 

Transformative for its ability to coach agents using Davis’s signature metaphors and analogies skill training, which is a game-changer for agents because it means they can ditch canned scripts and old training ideas in favor of a more connective form of communication that is more authentic, less “salesy”, and builds trusts. Now, agents can have access to these kind of analogies at any time, day or night, to help them break down often complex concepts or objections into simple, easy-to-understand, and easily relatable dialogues.  

With the real estate industry facing constant challenges, from lawsuit landmines to fluctuating markets to evolving client expectations, real estate agents have never been in greater need of reliable, accessible guidance. Digital Darryl™ meets this need head-on, offering agents a powerful tool to access tailored advice, strategies, and inspiration with his signature humor and heart, directly from their phones wherever they are, whenever they need it including the ability to role-play and ask questions in real-time. 

Personalized Coaching for Every Realtor 

Digital Darryl™ leverages advanced AI technology trained from hundreds of hours of Darryl Davis’s coaching sessions, seminars, and real-life sales experiences, ensuring that every piece of advice it provides is grounded in Davis’s proven strategies and real-world wisdom. From mastering the art of listing conversations to overcoming prospecting anxiety to the use of powerful metaphors and analogies, Digital Darryl™ equips real estate professionals with the insights and confidence needed to excel. 

Empowering Agents at Every Level 

Whether a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned professional, Digital Darryl™ offers value to agents at all stages of their careers.  

“Our mission with Digital Darryl™ is to give access to a trusted source for real estate coaching and advice on demand and on-the-go. It’s for agents whose need for help is immediate, such as when they are about to go into a listing appointment or run into an objection they just don’t know how to handle in the field,” said Darryl Davis. “We’re not just providing AI answers; we’re helping agents feel supported and connected, often at times when they feel most vulnerable and don’t have the ability to talk to their broker or coach in that moment.”  

Key Features of Digital Darryl™ for Agents: 

  • On-Demand Coaching: Real-time answers to real estate questions, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Tailored advice that aligns with agent’s unique strengths and goals – as it customizes each experience based on individual interactions. 
  • Motivational Support: Offers access motivational tips and strategies, especially in those times when agents feel most vulnerable like when calling FSBOs or Expireds, heading into a listing appointment, analyzing a tough presentation or call, or handling a hard objection.  
  • Role-Playing “Partner”:  Agents eager to practice, drill, and improve their prospecting and objection-handling skills can use the microphone feature on their phone to instantly role-play with Digital Darryl™ and feel like they are having that one-on-one experience with a coach. 


Digital Darryl™ is now available to members of Darryl Davis’s POWER AGENT® Program across North America. For more information on Digital Darryl™ and to sign up for this revolutionary tool, visit 

About Darryl Davis  

Darryl Davis is an award-winning speaker, real estate coach, industry lawsuit expert, and best-selling author of three books published by McGraw Hill Publishers. For 30+ years, Darryl has trained more than 150,000 real estate professionals around the globe to double their production.  He holds the CSP designation (given to less than 2% of all speakers worldwide) by the National Speaker’s Association. Audiences walk away from Darryl’s sessions with the tools and training they need to build their businesses and design careers worth smiling about.  

About the Power Agent® Program 

The Power Agent® Program delivers proven, valuable listing and sales technique training that empowers real estate sales professionals to be more effective and present when they are face-to-face with a buyer or seller. Darryl Davis and team accomplish this through an online training system and marketing platform at an extraordinary cost-effective price. They differ from competitors by teaching a more consultative, relationship-centric training which focuses on helping agents to serve, not sell, and to coach not close. 

A one-stop shop for real estate agent success, agents will find affordable weekly live coaching, vital hot-topic training (both live and on-demand), and customizable marketing tools such as letters, flyers, newsletters, postcards, eGuides, and more that allow sales agents to dramatically increase listing inventory, build a stronger business foundation, create customers for life, feel more authentic and confident, have less stress, and feel supported both by a comprehensive team and caring community. To learn more about Darryl and his team, visit   


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