February 1, 2020

100 Days to Greatness

POWERFACT: Every day we change on a cellular level — and we get to DIRECT that change!

WOW – We had an amazing audience at last week’s Inventory Intensive Workshop! More than 450 people joined us to make their success a priority! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

Now, here’s an exciting thought as we take on a brand new month. Every single day 1% of the cells in our bodies are replaced. So, do the math. That means every 100 days we are changed on a cellular level. For a lot of us — that means a whole lot of HOPE! You see, if you don’t like something about the way you are or you want to be a better person this year, physically, emotionally, professionally — it all starts with what you do every day!

We have the ability to drive the change we want to see in ourselves by our thoughts and actions each day. Just like when you eliminate the junk food and sugar and start to feed your body good, healthy food and drink the 327 glasses of water (that might be an exaggeration) they say you should drink daily — you see your body change for the better, the same is true for our minds. Eliminate the negative and replace your thoughts with positive affirmations, declarations, and brain fuel, you’ll begin to see the change reflected in your personal and professional life as well.

Watch this…

Don’t get too crazy and try to change EVERYTHING at once. It’s too hard to focus that way. Think laser beam, not firehose! One of the things we teach agents is100 Days to Greatness to use charts and tools to help them focus on those things that will take them to their NEXT LEVEL®.

Check out the Next Level Life Goals Chart®. Use it to help you identify just three things in the life components that are most vital that you can begin to change this year. When used in conjunction with a vision board, you can see powerful results in a relatively short time.  Think about all the ways you can create positive change in your life and career this year, starting right now!




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Power Agents, you can find this chart and the corresponding Next Level Life Goals Wheel® in your Time and Money Management Tab. You’ll also find a template for vision boarding there as well. 
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