Why join the power program?

Power Program is about you

The POWER Program® is about you.

When you have the right tools, training, coaching, and mindset -- there's nothing you can't accomplish. As a Power Agent, you'll have access to everything you need to thrive in any market, and design a life and career worth smiling about.

Power Program is about Skill

The POWER Program® is about skill.

Ours is an ever-changing industry, with a LOT of moving parts. That means to succeed at your Next Level, you'll have to have the skills to keep up. As a Power Agent, you'll get the training and coaching you need to develop the listing, selling, negotiating, farming, and referral skills necessary to succeed with more ease and less stress.

Power Program is about results

The POWER Program® is about results.

The Power Agent Program® is the coaching, marketing, and training platform that helps real estate professionals generate, on average, an additional $33,502.22 over their previous year and specializes in teaching agents how to develop now business, future business, and financial freedom.