4 Ways to Create a Long-Term Real Estate Relationship
March 7, 2021

4 Ways to Create a Long-Term Real Estate Relationship

Powerfact: Real estate really does come down to relationships. Let us help ensure you’re fueling yours!

As a real estate agent, you know how powerfully important good relationships are for your business. It’s critical that everyone from your prospects to your past clients feel heard in order for you to be your most successful. But how do you really build those long-term relationships that keep coming back, year after year, with their own needs or with referrals? We show you the way.

4 Ways to Create a Long-Term Real Estate Relationship

1. Always Keep in Touch

Even once you have helped a client to buy or sell a home, you can’t just let your communication with them disappear. You need to ensure you are keeping in touch, whether it is by email, phone call, or any other activity you like to do. This can seem like a large burden, especially on your memory, but with a real estate CRM like Power Builder, it is very easy. Using our automatic Keep-in-Touch Reminders you can mass assign reminders to your contacts, and never have to worry about someone slipping through the cracks again.

2. Remember Birthdays and Move-In Anniversarieshappy birthday sign with a cupcake and candle and decorations

People love to be remembered on days that are special to them – and birthdays and move-in anniversaries are perfect moments for you to do so. Using the Power Builder, you can automatically create reminders for every contact in your database with a birthday or move-in anniversary. You can also send them an e-Greeting card directly from the system, making it even easier to recognize these special days and forge that long-term relationship.

3. Send Regular Marketing

There is truly no avoiding the need for regular marketing messages from your business. All of your contacts need to be reminded you are there, and the expertise you have to offer, if you want to maintain a long-term relationship with them. Now, you don’t have to hire a marketing expert to get this done. When you use The Power Builder, we create a monthly, automated e-Newsletter FOR you each and every month.

This displays your status as an expert in all things home- and real estate-related with little to now effort from you! Plus, the Power Builder also has pre-written drip email campaigns that you can assign to contacts so they are regularly receiving appropriate messaging for their needs. Almost no extra effort from you, tons of long-term relationship building.

4. Always Say Thank You

When a contact sends you a referral, always say thank you. This is the surest way to maintain the wonderful relationship you have clearly forged. Don’t allow this step to fall by the wayside. Use your CRM like the Power Builder to make notes in a contact’s profile when they send you a referral. This way you always have record, and can respond accordingly.

Relationship-building is your number one tool in creating a successful business. Following the four tips above help you to do just that. Utilizing a real estate CRM such as Power Builder can make maintaining those relationships both simpler and better. Power Agents, start your FREE 30 Day Trial of the Power Builder now.



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