March 12, 2020

Scary Times

The truth is the person I learned to count on was really just me, and while that served its purpose at the time, it definitely affected every future adult relationship that I was destined to have. I made it through though.


I worked before and after school, wherever I could find a job. Stocking shelves at grocery stores, bussing tables, odd jobs, even working at a nightclub late into the night. My life was work, school, work, sleep, repeat.


I did it! I did graduate from high school. Not with flying colors or honor accolades or parties or fanfare. But I graduated – and I took with me a passion for the arts, theatre, self-reliance, and a few teachers that made a difference and sense of accomplishment.


Now, I entered the next phase of my life…..that was college.  I still had aspirations to be an actor so I enrolled into college as a theatre major.  While I was in college, I heard about real estate sales. It sounded like a great profession: you could be your own boss, make your own hours, and (if you were good at it) make a nice income. I thought this would be the perfect way to support myself while I pursued acting, so I took an elective course in real estate. After that, I took my licensing course, and finally the state exam. So there I was: 19 years old, licensed by the state of New York to “facilitate the transfer of real property between a buyer and seller.” Yeah, baby! I was feeling very grown up and excited; I was going places!


From the beginning, I seemed to have a natural affinity for the business. I really enjoyed the work, and I was very driven. Success came easily for me right from the start.

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