Authenticity in Coaching: How to Overcome Insecurity and Become a Confident Listing Agent
April 17, 2021

Authenticity in Coaching: How to Overcome Insecurity and Become a Confident Listing Agent

Powerfact: Insecurity can get the best of any agent, but when we focus on being authentic, it allows us to commit to serving, not selling. 

By Darryl Davis, CSP 

When I started real estate, I was 19 years oldWhen my dad passed away, I was 14, and due to a bad relationship with my mother, I became an emancipated minor at 16 years old. There I was, I was living on my own and got into real estate at 19. head shot of Darryl Davis Real Estate Coach from the early days of his career

So, I got into real estate in 19, and honestlyI had some issues emotionally. I wasn’t really raised by anyone, so I was an angry guy, and I was insecure. I was doing the “Italian New York” thing, whatever that meansBasically, I was not a nice person to be around, and here I am in the people business, and only 19 years old. 

My Start In Real Estate 

I could only afford one suit when I started, and I used to take the suit and hang it up when I prospected, and then, when I got an appointment, I put the suit on go on the listing appointment. I would come back to the office and take the suit off to keep a clean, because I couldn’t afford to bring in a drycleaner. I wanted to get as many days out of that one suit as I could. 

So, when I went into listing appointments in the beginning, I was very insecure, because I was talking to people twice, maybe three times my age and didn’t even own my own home, I was renting an apartment. I kept thinking, “What nerve do I have to ask these people to hire me when I don’t even own a home?” 

The Shift In My Thinking 

I had to shift my thinkinghad to be committed to not selling but to servingPart of coaching people is having the choice: that I may tell them they shouldn’t list with me, or that they shouldn’t list at all. They should take the house off the market. So, in every appointment, I wasnt committed to getting the listing, I became committed to laying out the choices. 

I might have coached them to say “You know what? I don’t think you should sell your house, based on what you’re telling me. If there was that possible choice to tell somebody “You should not sell, then you should not hire me. 

Now, going into the listing appointment with that choice, I could authentically coach them. Having that option means that now it’s about what’s best for them, not about what I want. So, I went into my appointments, knowing that maybe I wasn’t the best agent, but I was going to be the most sincere, committed agent. 

Now, with that choice… If I found that they should sellI fought for it. I would tell them, I‘m going to work my butt off for you. I‘m going to work harder than anybody else. Why? Because I‘m hungry. Because I know I can help you guys. 

How Agents Help Their Clients  

Listing their property, if that’s the right thing for them, is helping them. Iyou are committed to helping them, but not committed to taking the listing, you will help them understand that listing with an agent as opposed to being a FSBO is helping them. 

So, when you have decided in that listing conversation that they should sell, and they should hire an agent, then darn well don’t leave without them sign that listing agreement! Why? Because that’s what’s best for them. 

You’ve made the decision what’s best for these people is to hire you, or at least a REALTOR®, but if it’s to hire you, once you’ve decided that, you darn well fight for it, and do not leave without it. That’s not being a hard salesperson, that’s just being really committed to helping somebody. 

As I say often, the money we earn is a direct reflection of the service we provide in helping people get to their next level in life. Serve, don’t sell. Coach, don’t close. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you make those shifts!

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