April 22, 2019

How to Succeed Calling FSBOs

POWERFACT:  Fear keeps a lot of real estate agents from prospecting, and prospecting is the #1 key to success in this business.

At Darryl Davis’s annual Inventory Intensive retreat, he taught agents how to move past the fear and use questions — with a focus on service and coaching to break through barriers and develop relationships with other people. It allows them to make the shift from a win/lose scenario when calling for appointments to a win/win scenario.

In this clip, one audience member decided to put what she had just learned into action and went to her car during a break to make prospecting calls. She got TWO in just the time it took to come back from break. It was so inspiring to the entire audience. Darryl shared the analogy earlier in the day of just getting in the batting cage and swinging and not worrying about whether you hit the ball. This agent did just that when she decided to take action. She swung for the fences – despite the fear of rejection and came away with a home run!

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Power Agents, we have proven dialogues in the Prospecting tab for calling FSBOs and Expireds which is what this lovely agent used to get past her fear and secure the listing appointments!

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