September 30, 2022

Can Real Estate Coaching Help Boost Your Weekly Wins? (We sure think so!)

Wondering if real estate coaching can add some wins to your week – look no further!

Our Monday Mindset Call with Darryl Davis is always a great way to start the week! We start each call off with a “WIN PARTY”, where our coaching members, who we fondly refer to as POWER AGENTS®, share their real estate wins from the previous week and how our coaching program and community are helping them achieve success.

This week was no exception – we are so proud of our members and all they are accomplishing! Keep up the great work, everyone!

Help us celebrate these real estate wins:

  1. 15 New Listings
  2. 5 Closings
  3. 3 Sales
  4. 3 New Buyers
  5. 3 New Deals Under Contract
  6. Stayed Focused
  7. Made a Breakthrough Getting Comfortable Making Phone Calls
  8. Set Up their DOT BOARD for the Very First Time
  9. Made Calls Following Mail Marketing
  10. Joined a New Agency & Got a Lot of Leads
  11. Successfully Used Darryl’s Pricing Strategy from Last Week and Got an Offer Over Asking
  12. Said “No” For Once
  13. Got a FSBO Appointment
  14. Reached Out to Sphere With a Check-In Call
  15. Got a Seller to Come to their Senses and Close
  16. Got an Investment Condo Under Contract
  17. Guided a Senior Couple to De-Age their Home For Listing
  18. Got their Head Together to Work Toward Becoming Successful
  19. Called 25 Leads, Gaining 5 Potential Clients
  20. Joined The POWER AGENT® Program
  21. Sold a New Listing in 5 Days and $30K Over Asking
  22. Got a Listing from a FSBO
  23. Got a Buyer’s Offer Accepted
  24. Reconnected with a Previous Client
  25. Got a New Showing
  26. Stayed Positive
  27. Very First Deal Under Contract
  28. Got a Compliment from Buyer’s Lender for Being a Proactive Agent
  29. Presented a Contract
  30. Got a Sale and Listing from the Same Client
  31. Started Farming & Got a Really Good Lead
  32. Got a $2M Listing Appointment
  33. Got a Great New CRM
  34. Got 2 Offers on a Stagnant Listing
  35. Back-to-Back Closings Scheduled
  36. Got 2 Referrals for Listing Buyers
  37. Got an Addition Completed
  38. Got a Nice Waterfront Listing
  39. Got 3 Closings Scheduled for the Week
  40. Hired a New Agent for their Firm
  41. Successfully Negotiated an Offer
  42. Got a Repeat Referral from a Past “A-List” Client
  43. Started Working with a New Client
  44. Completed a New Promotional Video & Is Getting Lots of Hits on Facebook with it
  45. Had 50 People Attend their Open House
  46. Got 2 New Clients
  47. Reconnected with a Past Client who is Back in the Market
  48. New Listing with a Repeat Client
  49. Made Massive Money as a Property Manager for a Home
  50. Convinced a Seller Not to Overprice their Home
  51. Saved a Deal
  52. Signed up for the POWER Builder CRM
  53. Met Darryl Davis in person

We LOVE celebrating these wins each week and LOVE seeing the changes these weekly real estate coaching calls make in our members’ lives!

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Ready to share YOUR real estate wins for the week?

POWER AGENTS® – Be sure to join us on the next Coaching Call to share those triumphs and cheer the weekly WINS of your fellow POWER AGENTS®! 
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