February 18, 2019

Coach, Don’t Close

POWERFACT:  When we’re coaching — not CLOSING, we’re more engaged, more service-minded, and more authentic, and more committed to not just our Next Level, but that of our clients.

If we get any message across this year, I hope it will be this one.  Coach. Don’t Close. Serve. Don’t sell. The impact of this simple, yet profound, distinction is changing the course of how agents are doing business. And in doing so – they are enjoying life more. They are fearing prospecting less. They are creating customers for life. They are surprising themselves with the results they are getting.  They are designing lives and careers worth smiling about.

And we could not be more thrilled. Watch this today – and share with your real estate friends and colleagues. It’s a game changer.

What we do as real estate professionals changes lives. It improves conditions for children. We help people make smart, informed decisions about one of the biggest financial investments in their lives. These are not small things at all. 

I love the Committed to Children flyer found in our Farming & Self-Promotion  Tab. Anyone that knows me knows that I love helping kids, so this really hits home for me! Read the statistics of what a difference you make for children!

We’re passionate about helping agents make this shift. Some of Power Agents® tell us that they haven’t felt this excited about their careers in years. Others tell us they have never been more comfortable picking up the phone. Another told us she feels so much more like her now and not a rehearsed speech. I’ve heard the collective sigh of relief in an audience when I explain how this little change means they can feel like they are SERVING — not hard-core selling. That just FEELS better doesn’t it?

We’re here to coach, not close as well. To serve. To deliver the tools and strategies that agents can use starting right now to create breakthrough business success.

Learn to COACH, not close — and use the most powerful communication and listing skills in the business to make your 2020 extraordinary.

Join us for our 5th Annual Listing Inventory Intensive event January 30th in Long Island.

Eight FULL, impactful, strategy and skill packed hours of everything you need to make 2020 your best year in this business. It is like no event you’ve ever been to before and the take-aways will change the way you think, react, communicate, list, sell, and live. If you want more results with less stress next year — this is the event to attend! Click the image below to learn more! 

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