July 22, 2019

Communicating VALUE

POWERFACT: In an age of disruptors — it’s more important than EVER to communicate your VALUE.

Wow. What a webinar! While normally full replays of our webinars on demand are reserved for Power Agent members and attendees, we felt strongly that this webinar needed to be shared with as many of our real estate colleagues as possible. Why? Because agents who are able to develop high-level communication skills and be able to communicate their value to buyers, sellers, and consumers throughout our communities not only get better results and provide a more elevated real estate experience — they help to raise the bar and the reputation of real estate professionals everywhere. 

That’s crucial. In this content-packed, skill-building, idea-sharing webinar – you’ll learn: 

  • About the NAR Antitrust lawsuit, how it will impact the future of real estate, and what you need to do about it
  • ​The MOST important concept a seller MUST believe before you start your listing presentation
  • How to use facts, figures, and data to support your commission
  • The top 5 metaphors and analogies to communicate your value
  • The truth and lies behind some of the industry’s top disruptors
  • Objection handling techniques for the other broker said they will charge less, I can pay a flat fee, I’m thinking of selling to iBUYERand many more 
  • The magical dialogue to present your commission rate with confidence

Watch below:

Power Agents – Click here to get the slide deck and the bonuses from the webinar. We’ve added lots of the new tools featured in the webinar to the Listing Appointment Tab in your Classroom such as NAR By the Numbers, 100 Hours to Sell a House, and Two Prices for Every Home!

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