June 18, 2018

Door Knocking, SMILES, and a Commitment to Service

Powerfact:  Real estate is a PEOPLE business, getting out there and getting to know people is a powerful way to connect and generate business.

It’s a great time of year to get out and about in the neighborhoods in which you want to own the market share. A lot of agents get a little queasy at the thought of knocking on doors and talking to people that they don’t know. I get it. The bottom line is that we are in the people business, however, and letting people put the face with the name is a smart business practice. And it can be FUN!

One great way to break the ice is to bring along a fun little gift idea. We call them SMILE Stops™ and you’ll find a bunch of ideas in the
Smile Techniques tab in your Classroom!

SMILE STOPS are fun reasons to stop for quick visits with past and potential customers to show your appreciation and continuously cultivate your connection and trust.

S: Service (focus on service not selling)
M: Meet face-to-face
l: Invite them to share their needs by asking questions
L: Leave behind a token of  gratitude
E: Elevate the relationship

Another great thing to remember is to be service-minded. When you are knocking on doors and in a sales mode – you’ll be more likely feel that uneasiness. However, when you are in a service mode, then you are approaching people with a commitment to help people, answer questions, and be a resource. That makes the talking to strangers thing a whole lot easier.

Here are seven great SMILE Stop ideas for you to consider! 

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