Four Fun Take-Aways From a Top Real Estate Agent
May 10, 2021

Four Fun Take-Aways From a Top Real Estate Agent

Powerfact:  Success in the business of real estate comes down to your commitment to building relationships.

By Julie Escobar

We were super fortunate to have the #1 Single Keller Williams Agent in Florida, Kathrin Rein, joins us for a Power Agent® Exclusive interview.  Insightful, interesting, and direct, she opened a lot of eyes as to what top agents do to thrive, even in a market as competitive as ours.

There were a lot of amazing takeaways that really stood out, and we’ll share more in weeks to come, but these were four that I felt really hit it out of the park to start with.#1 Single Keller Williams Agent in Florida, Kathrin Rein posing for a photo

Four Fun Take-Aways From a Top Real Estate Agent

1. Take ownership

I loved when Kathrin talked about what she brings to the table for clients. She’s way more than a real estate agent. She’s vested in really knowing her business, including how to offer powerful incentives, teach clients how to reduce property taxes, make smarter investments, and build wealth. What truly struck me, and a lot of our attendees was when she said, “When my clients buy with me one time, they normally stay with me.  It’s very rarely that they cheat and if they cheat them is probably my fault because perhaps, I didn’t follow up with them enough.”  

Wow!  As Darryl said, “That’s definitely a more powerful approach to business when you can look in the mirror and say, “Hey, why did I lose a client that I had been working with, and what could I have done differently or better?” That’s a significant reason why Kathrin is where she is. She’s always looking for ways to improve her client experiences. Darryl took that approach in his early listing agent days as well, reflecting after every appointment and asking himself what he could have done better.

2. Touch base with five people per day

When you are as busy as Kathrin, time-blocking is not always possible. Her goal? Is to just try to build relationships every day by touching base with at least five past clients via phone call, text, or Facebook message. By carving out a little time to let people know she’s there, checked in, and cares she’s created a referral base that continues to deliver for her both personally and professionally.

3. Cultivate powerful vendor relationships

Kathrin keeps a binder filled with the business cards of all the vendor/business professionals she comes across in daily work. Every day she thumbs through her book of business pros and connects with three of them. Her mindset and purpose, “What can I do to help three of these people in their business today?” There’s a lot of reciprocity in solid networking relationships. When you help them, they will, in turn, refer business to you!

4. Talk to people

Kathrin has a charming personality, so she’s naturally inclined to be a great conversationalist. When she first moved to Miami and got her license, she didn’t know anyone. She is, however, a “student of life”.  Loved the part of her story about her first real estate deal…

“I asked myself what do affluent people like? How do they work? How do they talk? What do they wear? Where do they go?

I tried to just talk to everyone that I met. I even talked to people in the elevator!  My husband always get so annoyed with me he’s like, ‘Can you just stop talking to random people?’ I just love that I made a conversation out nothing. It was one of my talents that I use in order to meet people and to make connections and when people like you it’s very easy to have them become your clients because everybody buys and sells real estate, especially if they are affluent, they even buy for their children, so one of my first clients I actually at a modeling party. 

There were models everywhere, and I was still modeling a little bit on the side. I met this guy on the dance floor and he asked me hey what I did. I could have said I’m a model, but instead I told him that I was a real estate agent he’s like, “Really? I want to buy three apartments for my children. A week later he put in an all-cash offer for $1.6 million for the three apartments together. 

I was like that’s a 6% Commission, so somewhere around $96,000, but I didn’t know the area, I didn’t even know where the building was, I was just beginning in real estate so I had no clue about how to handle this, so I asked this guy my office if he would come with me to the appointment and I paid him 50%. (Seems a little bit steep now looking back, but I could have not done the deal alone, so, with his help I closed my first deal and made like $48,000. I was like Okay, I like this.  That man is still one of my best clients. I’ve done probably 15 transactions over the years now.  All from just a random conversation.”

Power Agents®, the entire empowering interview can be found in your Webinars On Demand tab in your classroom. It’s one to play on repeat!

Or as one of our Super Power Agents® noted, “If you were on the call with Kathrin Rein, you’ll know what I’m talking about! She was the absolute best person to hear from aside from Darryl Davis, to get anyone motivated in Real estate. Don’t Miss the replay!”

Thank you Kathrin for all of your wonderful, real-world insights and generous advice! Learn more about Kathrin by visiting her site here.


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