Some of the most important ideas to implement after Darryl Davis’ seminar:

Darryl Davis
  • Not having listings is like a shoe store with no shoes
  • Focus not on getting listings but building listing inventory (use a chart)
  • As a marketing agent, your market is your fellow Realtor® not buyers
  • Have a system of communication with your sellers
  • Master presenting price to the homeowner
  • The #1 Secret to Sale Success: use stories, metaphors and analogies
  • The more stories, metaphors and analogies, the better “dancer” you will be
  • Use 3rd party validation when motivating buyers and/or sellers (i.e. USA Today article, Case-Shiller Report)
  • Be R.E.A.L.™ (Rapport, Engage, Advice, List them) on a listing appointment
  • Be educated enough about Short Sales to give the homeowner good direction
  • Work the Shiny Penny™ List
  • Darryl’s ditty about buyers: Less stress, income higher, work the house, not the buyer
  • You can push past anything that is stopping you now if you can answer this question and be committed to the answer: What is my Next Level®?
  • Bad Seed, Bad Seed™

Some Stories, Metaphors & Analogies

How it Works

  • The Dollar Bill Technique
  • Ethan Allen vs Ebay Technique
  • The Directors Technique
  • Sears Hammer Technique
  • Star Trek (what a house is worth has nothing to do with the cost to make it)
  • The Soccer Ball Technique (stop chasing the market)

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