December 3, 2018

How to Get Started or Re-Started in Real Estate

Powerfact: Whether you are getting started or restarted in this business — putting a system in place to develop NOW business and a cash infusion is a must-do! 

Jump-starting your business can be daunting for a lot of agents. It doesn’t have to be that scary though when you have the right resources and coaching — you can knock it out of the park.

Let me give you six powerful strategies to get off on the right foot! 

  1. Get crystal clear on your commitment. Know what your goals are and be solid in your commitment to those goals. Goals inspire action. 
  2. Use motivational charts and tools to help you stay in line with those goals. Power Agents®, look in the Time and Money Management tab to get your hands on our vision board, dot board, and listing inventory charts. These tools are awesome for staying on track and motivated to hit your goals!
  3. Connect with people you can learn from. It’s just smart business to connect with other agents and brokers so that you can learn the business strategies and skills that empower them to be successful.
  4. Know your market. When I was a newer agent, I would actually spend a great deal of time viewing properties and researching my market so that I was proficient and knowledgeable. I’d actually make notes on each property so that I made myself an expert.
  5. Master your listing conversation. When you are masterful in your presentation, know your business and have practiced your listing skills — you feel more confident, competent, and motivated to do the things you need to do to generate now business.  I’m a big fan of old-school listing books. They provide a great visual for agents to best communicate with sellers. Power Agents, you’ll find a sample listing book in the Listing Conversation tab in your classroom labeled “Power Agent Listing Conversation Book Sample”
  6. Prospect, prospect, prospect!  Make a commitment to yourself, your business, and your future that you will prospect at specific times each week. As someone getting started or restarted, I would recommend at LEAST three days per week for at LEAST an hour to two hours per day. I often say that new agents should NOT take out a single buyer until they have SIX listings. Why? Because given the choice between building your business the right way and prospecting to build your “shoe store” or listing inventory or taking out a buyer – agents will choose to take out a buyer almost 100% of the time. When they do, however, they delay mastering the skill of prospecting for listings, which is the lifeblood of any top producer’s business.

Putting these strategies in place will help you put yourself on the right path to success sooner, rather than later. I’d also like to share one of our new Do Not Disturb signs with you. Agents tell us they make them SMILE and stay focused during their prospecting power hours! Simply click on the image to the right to download and print it out. Hang it on your door or cubicle to let others know you are on a very important appointment with yourself to build your future!

I hope this helps you. We are committed to helping agents design lives and careers worth SMILING about!

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