December 10, 2019

How to Handle the Do Not Call (DNC) List

Do not be afraid of the Do Not Call Registry! That saiD, my advice is to always do what your broker says to do!

On one of our coaching calls, we had a question that we have quite often: how to handle the Do Not Call List  (DNC) as a real estate professional. It’s an important topic and one that keeps a lot of agents from prospecting. And when they aren’t prospecting — they aren’t getting listings. Which also means they aren’t earning at their highest potential, or building the business foundation that they want. That’s what we hope to help change.

Listen in:

Why I believe, at least in the case of FSBOs and Expireds, doesn’t apply… 

FSBOs:How to Handle the Do Not Call List

  1. FSBOs initiate the call by advertising their home. (They started it!)
  2. We are not soliciting. We are not selling stocks, magazines, subscriptions, anything. There is no sale taking place over the phone, no credit card being taken; we are simply asking if they would be offended if we came by to take a look at their house. And we’re asking that based on their ad and only after we’ve built some rapport.


  1. The law says you can call someone as long as you’ve had a prior relationship with them within the last 18 months.
  2. It was listed with an agent through the MLS, and all of us are acting as sub-agents through that listing because we are authorized to show that property.

Listen for the question and answer about this topic on the podcast above, starting at time stamp 47:20. Thanks, Kathleen, for your question!

I appreciate the opportunity to share more thoughts on these two prospecting niches. I genuinely feel they are the best possible path to generate NOW business.

Kathleen initiated the question because she wanted to make the most of the 30-day trial of The REDX that I shared at our live webinar in her market. I applaud her for that. Their system is the best one I’ve found for delivering leads consistently for FSBOs and Expireds. I encourage you to check them out as well. I arranged for my students to have the setup fee waived and the first 30 days free. POWER AGENTS®, head to the REDX tab in your classroom to take advantage of this special offer. You’ll find the FSBO, Expired, and Voicemail dialogues in the Prospecting Tab of your Classroom

I’m never one for scripted dialogues, but when it comes to calling FSBOs and Expireds, I make the exception. These tried and true dialogues work, and once you’ve practiced them, they just become part of your natural prospecting cadence.  You’ll find seven other prospecting dialogues in that tab as well! As I shared with Kathleen, if all she did was follow the leads she got from RedX using these dialogues for 30 days – she’d easily pick up 2-3 listings in that time frame and pay for the service for years!

POWER AGENTS®, if you are looking for NOW business this year – focus on FSBOs and EXPIREDs. Head over to your Webinars tab to watch the two webinars we have on demand on the topic:

The 12 Reasons a FSBO Should Never Be a FSBO

FSBOs and Expireds Unleashed

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