September 23, 2020

I Have a Friend in the Business…

POWERFACT: Sometimes transacting business with friends damages relationships. Illustrating that for sellers who say, “I have a friend in the business,” is powerful.

If you’ve been in the business over six months, you’ve probably heard the “I have a friend” objection. I get it — sometimes they DO have a friend. Sometimes they’re just reaching for excuses. Either way, how you handle it can make or break the listing. If you’ve been face to face for a little while and you’ve done your job building rapport, then this one still gets pulled out of the seller’s bag of tricks, have no fear! You’ve got this!

I like to explain how much I respect a seller’s decision and their friendships. Then I illustrate how sometimes business transactions can go sideways, and when that happens we have to part ways with that business person — better to a professional than to risk damaging a friendship. Watch the video below for some dialogue on how to handle.

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It’s important to learn how to navigate objections and stalls. I hope this helps!

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