Keeping Clients Focused on Their Commitments
February 1, 2021

Keeping Clients Focused on Their Commitments

POWERFACT: Keeping deals together in today’s world is definitely running in the fast lane. A steady hand and a focus on commitment can save the day!

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP

On occasion, during a real estate transaction, you will have buyers and sellers that start getting a little twisted up about “stuff” like appraisals, repairs, certain appliances they want to keep but the buyer wants them to stay, and so on. They start getting defensive or bent out of shape about all those things like they want to kill the deal. It becomes your job to keep everyone committed to the transaction and bring their focus back to what they told you they are committed to. Essentially, you are a therapist!

The Psychology Behind It

Sometimes people will lose what they are committed to in order to be right about an opinion, or thought, or feeling. When it comes to their commitment, they forget what they really want because in that moment, it seems more important to be right, and it costs them what is truly important in their lives.

How To Refocus Them On What They Really Want

So, when your client starts getting twisted up, your job is to start talking about what it is they are committed to. When they refuse to come down in price, or they insist on keeping that really nice refrigerator, it’s time to remind them of their commitment.

“Let me ask you something, Mr. and Mrs. Seller.  You are selling the house, and you told me that the reason you are selling is because you want to move to Florida to retire so you could be with your grandkids, is that right? OK, good. Listen, I’m your agent, and I want to give you some advice here. You have a choice to make.

As your agent, I’m committed to whatever you are committed to, so I don’t want you to think I have any ulterior motives here. My job is to get you what you are committed to. Now, you told me that you were committed to moving to Florida to be with your grandkids, but now you are telling me that you are committed to this $1000 refrigerator.

If you are more committed to the refrigerator, and I have no problems with that, I will just go tell these buyers to take a walk. So, I need you to tell me what you are committed to, the refrigerator or your grandkids?  I’ll make it happen for you.”

The Takeaway

I have saved more deals this way than any other way in my career, and this is why: I bring to the surface the pettiness of some of the things they get twisted up about and I show them what it’s going to cost them when it comes to their commitment. When your clients start getting lost in the weeds about being right, or proving their opinion, reminding them of their commitment is the fastest way to get them out of their twisted ideas.

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready to start taking things to the next level? Knowing your strengths and finding ways to delegate those things you are not so good at is important to having a life worth smiling about.

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