April 15, 2019

Marketing Agent vs Selling Agent

POWERFACT: Marketing Agents will out-perform Selling Agents because they are using their time and skills more wisely and effectively.

There’s a difference between being a Marketing Agent and a Selling Agent — and that difference is a huge differentiator. A selling agent typically takes one house and tries to sell it to many buyers. A marketing agent, however, takes the listing and markets it to all the other selling agents in their area, using every marketing tool available to them. They know that if they can market to and impress even the most cynical of agents, they can get the home sold and get it sold quickly. They’ll use tools like a broker open house, public open house, smart MLS descriptions, incentives and more to pique the interest of area agents. Who’s more likely to get the home sold quickly? One agent focused on finding buyers themselves or a whole MLS full of agents with buyers of their own who will seize on a good opportunity when it presents itself? You know the answer. Be a marketing agent!

Power Agents®, you’ll find a sample Listing Conversation book in the Listing Appointment tab in your Classroom.

When you download it, it will open in a PowerPoint file that you can then customize it to add your personal information and branding spin! To learn more about delivering a powerful listing conversation as a MARKETING agent, we invite you to watch Darryl’s webinar on demand:

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