November 11, 2019

Open House Dialogue for FSBOs

Powerfact: Analogies and metaphors will always help you more effectively communicate your value and the skills and tools you bring to sellers and buyers.

Ever have a FSBO talk about hosting their own open houses? In this powerful clip from the annual Listing Inventory Intensive real estate workshop, Darryl Davis uses an analogy to share why an agent can get more results from an open house than a FSBO can. Learn to communicate at a high level to succeed in today’s market. It’s one of the most critical skills you can learn.

Here’s a little dialogue that could help you on your next listing appointment: 

Communicate more effectively by learning the dialogues, stories, analogies, and metaphors that will allow you to create a stronger connection when you are face-to-face with a seller in a listing conversation. You’ll list more, sell more, and service at a higher level than ever before. THAT’S how we’re going to help you get to your NEXT LEVEL in the coming year!

Ready to fire up these skills and EVERY skill you need to make the next year a breakthrough personally and professionally? Join us for our 5th Annual Listing Inventory Intensive event January 30th in Long Island.

Eight FULL, impactful, strategy and skill packed hours of everything you need to make 2020 your best year in this business. It is like no event you’ve ever been to before and the take-aways will change the way you think, react, communicate, list, sell, and live. If you want more results with less stress next year — this is the event to attend! Click the image below to learn more! 

Open House Dialogue for FSBOs
FUN FACT: Learning how to communicate with sellers starts with a little psychology!

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