September 5, 2018

Put a Little Fun in Your Prospecting

POWERFACT:  When you treat prospecting time with the same importance level that you do closings, your listings will go up, your bottom line will get better, and you’ll become a master at handling the phone.

We were working on some new agent tools this month, and one habit that is hard for ANY agent to make stick, especially early on is consistently making time to prospect every week. For many, it inches down the to-do list in favor of just about anything else until the day is done and it gets moved to the next one. That’s not ever going to make ANYONE a great living.

My recommendation is that you prospect for AT LEAST one hour, at LEAST three days per week. Different times work for different agents. Some prefer mornings to get it knocked out of the way first thing, others early evening when they know more people will be home. Others do a combination of the two on different days of the week. Whatever feels best for you — go for it.

Next, take away the distractions. Treat your prospecting time as the VIP appointment that it is. We had some fun and created some DO NOT DISTURB signs that you can print and put up outside your door or on your desk to help others know that you are conducting very important business and that you shouldn’t be disturbed.


There are four more designs in your Time and Money Management Tab! Choose the ones that make you SMILE.  They are a great reminder to have a little fun while you’re “building your empire or helping your dreams take flight! 

My other recommendation is that you take some of the pressure off your calls. When your only go is a “yes” or a “no” — you are setting yourself up for a win/lose scenario – which doesn’t feel good, and it certainly doesn’t make you want to hit the phones.

Instead, use your prospecting time to ask questions, build rapport, develop relationships, and serve people. It’s funny how much different your calls go when you make the switch from selling to serving. From closing to coaching. People need your services. They need an advocate who will help them find the home of their dreams, or get the best possible return on investment from their property.

That’s you. That’s what you can do. When you look it that way, it makes picking up the phone that much easier.

Who should you call this week? 

  • Past customers (sphere of influence) — Tell them your company believes every homeowner should have a home value report run annually so they know what their home is worth and that you’re happy to help them with that. Or ask, given all the recent market changes they may have heard of, if they have any questions you can answer.
  • FSBOs (current and from 6 months ago) – Use your RedX data to reach out to these often motivated sellers.
  • FRBOs (For Rent By Owners) – These investors are often strapped for cash and an unoccupied rental is weighty. Ask if they’re ready to sell.
  • EXPIREDS – Give these listings a second chance and help those sellers get to their goal of selling their home.

Power Agents, you’ll find dialogues for the last three in your Prospecting tab. 

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