May 19, 2023

Question of the week: What’s the best advice for a brand-new agent?

Putting a new agent on a faster track to success is a challenge we’ll accept any day – and clearly the same is true for our POWER AGENT®️ Members!

We had some fun on a recent coaching call when we got this question from a new member. Darryl, of course, had some thoughts, but we first opened it up to our mastermind group, and boy – did we get some awesome feedback!  

Here are the top eleven of the twenty-five suggestions that came in!   

  1. Do one thing, and do it consistently
  2. Don’t depend on family and friends; go out and find your own leads
  3. Find what motivates you and use it
  4. Attend Open Houses in your marketplace and get to know your market
  5. Don’t stop moving forward, and listen to Darryl!
  6. Pick one skill to focus on and develop
  7. Make your prospecting calls every day
  8. Learn how to do Open Houses really well
  9. Remember that this a job, so put in your time every day
  10. Pick a niche that interests you to become your farm area
  11. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

As leaders, we KNOW you have many that you, too, would add to the list! During this time of great change in our industry, we will always see new agents come in as others exit. It’s important to give our fledgling agents as much of a head-start as we can to help them navigate our industry successfully. We are always here to help! Please tell YOUR newbie’s good luck from us! We’re pulling for them!  

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