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September 16, 2022

Real Estate Wins of the Week: Moving the Needle

Ever wonder how a weekly coaching call can help YOU move the needle and create big real estate WINS? We’re here to share!

On every Monday Mindset Call with one of the best real estate coaches in the business, Darryl Davis, we start the morning by having a WIN-PARTY! Where agents share their real estate wins from the previous week.

During this week’s Monday Morning POWER Hour, Darryl asked our POWER AGENTS® to share their WINS from the past week.

Help us celebrate these wins:

  • 7 New Listings
  • 4 New Buyer Leads
  • 4 Made Calls to FSBOs
  • 3 New Buyers
  • 3 Listings Under Contract
  • 2 Listings Referred
  • 2 Offers Accepted
  • Joined the POWER AGENT® Program
  • Got a Buyer’s Agreement Signed
  • Attended a Networking Event
  • Set up Power BuilderCRM 
  • Fired an Awful Client
  • Added an Auction Option for Sellers
  • Started Using a New CRM
  • Had a Listing Conversation
  • Established a Mindset to Follow Models & Implement Plans to Stay Focused
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • Using the Phone to Become More Productive
  • Landed First Listing from a Post Card Mailing
  • Had a Killer Open House
  • Made Two Videos
  • Called FSBOs, Expireds, & Prospects
  • Made Meaningful Connections
  • Preparing Mailings for FSBOs and Expireds
  • Ratified a Contract
  • Completed a FSBO Drip Campaign
  • Getting More Comfortable Making Calls
  • Sent Introduction Letters to Farm Area
  • Recited Positive Affirmations
  • Got Contacted by a Past Client Ready to Buy
  • Under Contract for First Sale as a Real Estate Agent
  • Helped a Client Move
  • Created Workflow Checklists
  • Joined the Coaching Call
  • Planning a Fall Festival
  • Went Door Knocking for the First Time
  • Started Calling Sellers who Listed & Withdrew during COVID
  • Started a Routine List
  • Removed Contingencies for Two Listings
  • Enrolled in One-on-One Training with a Land-Selling Program
  • Door Knocked before Open House
  • Printed and Practiced the POWER AGENT® Buyer Phone Inquiry
  • Sent out “Just Sold” Postcards
  • Got Organized
  • Joined Homes for Heroes
  • Started a Marketing Plan for First Responders
  • Rejoined the POWER AGENT® Program
  • Scheduled a Closing
  • Updated CRM 

There’s a lot of distraction and stress in this business. LOOKING for your weekly wins and acknowledging them is powerful.

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Ready to share YOUR real estate wins for the week?

POWER AGENTS® – Be sure to join us on the next Coaching Call to share those triumphs and cheer the weekly WINS of your fellow POWER AGENTS®! 
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