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Extra Mile Real Estate Marketing

Going The Extra Mile: Using Flash Drives and QR Codes for Your Next Open House  I was at an open house recently, and I had this great idea to use my phone to record […]

8 Quick Take-Aways From Our Curbio Webinar

Powerfact:  Business partnerships and smart applications can help you stand out from the competition. by Julie Escobar Our thanks and appreciation to Olivia Mariani, Director of Marketing for Curbio. We […]

The Magic of Metaphors and Analogies

Powerfact:  Metaphors, stories, and analogies are the secret sauce to effective communication. By Darryl Davis, CSP When I teach agents how to do listing appointments, we always cover topics like […]

Real Estate Career Reboot

[…] estate again. Remember when you were a brand new agent and you had all that childlike enthusiasm and excitement about how much you were going to accomplish? Tap back in […]

The Magic of Monthly Goals

[…] give everyone a nudge to think about your goals monthly instead. When you do, you create urgency, opportunity, and your goals are broken down into more attainable bites. That’s smart […]

Bonus Videos

[…] have the right tools, training, and techniques to make your open houses spectacular — you can better convert them into both sales and new listings every time! BONUS #1: Watch […]

Management Moments of Truth

[…] you pay attention to the little things — the more BIG things you’ll have to celebrate as an organization. This week, I wanted to reach out to the brokers and […]