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How to Use the Listing Inventory Chart

[…] each and every day! This week, I wanted to share how our Power Agents® use the Listing Inventory Chart to stay focused on the inventory they have and what they need to continue to grow their business.   […]

Broker Inventory Webinar

[…] (designed to keep your agent on track for generating these leads The Dot Board The Listing Inventory Chart The Spring SMILE Stops Idea Infograhic The link to get the special offer from […]

Calling a Lost Listing

“Should I call after Losing a Listing? That’s a question I get A LOT. Here’s my answer… The only reason you would call a homeowner after losing a listing is […]

How to Get Started or Re-Started in Real Estate

[…] and Money Management tab to get your hands on our vision board, dot board, and listing inventory charts. These tools are awesome for staying on track and motivated to hit your goals! […]

8 Top Tips for a Great First Quarter

[…] things that you can always converse about to have as your backup. 4. Use the Listing Inventory chart to stay on track.  Remember, it’s not just LISTINGS that are the name of […]

No FSBO Should Be a FSBO

[…] conveying that fact becomes vital. We had a powerful coaching call and the topic of listing FSBOs was front and center. Agents are having a great deal of success using […]

Speak From Your Heart

[…] you it makes all the difference in the world. When you go on your next listing conversation appointment — speak from your heart about the top two to five things […]

Why (and HOW) Agents Should Get Back to the Basics NOW

[…] and more on old-school lead generation, building referral-worthy relationships with clients and ramping up their listing, communication, and business SKILLS. Agents who have a strong network and are actively prospecting to generate leads aren’t […]