Gale is our front of the line leader for our Power Agent® members. She’s fiercely protective and passionate about ensuring their experience is extraordinary, powerful, and packed with reasons to SMILE. She’s one of the first to roll up her sleeves and dive into a project to help bring it to fruition or a problem to help find a solution. Her “what do you need and how fast do you need it” attitude and work ethic is a game-changer for our members and our team. She’s got an entrepreneurial spirit and the sales and real estate experience that allow her to easily connect with our members and help them the find solutions they seek. Gale’s attention to details, commitment to service, and compassion for human beings is inspired and so important in a world that can feel chaotic. We are so blessed to have her on board to help us connect with more people around the world and bring to them the skills and tools they need to create better lives for themselves. That’s important to her. It’s important to us. And it’s important to our membership. We’re glad she’s here, and you will be too.